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Positive Review and Canceling the Order

need to ask

if some buyer posts a positive review on the page and then if you want to cancel it you provide a mutual cancellation to the buyer

CANCELLATION Starts as fiverr says
This order will be cancelled automatically in 2 days unless it’s declined or aborted.

So the question is what if he doesnt accept cancellation and he wants to keep the positive review and 2 days are passed what then will the gig will be refunded to him and positive review removed by it self ?

I cannot entirely understand your post, but I’ll try to answer as best I can. I am not sure why you would cancel an order if the buyer was happy and left a positive review. If you do, however, and they do not respond, the money will be refunded to them but the review will most likely stay up. If the buyer accepts the mutual cancellation, the same basic thing will happen except that it won’t raise your cancellation ratio.