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Positive review mysteriously disappeared and order was cancelled after 4 months

Hi dear fellow sellers!
It is just a bit spooky and I do not know why it be possible at all.
One of my orders was completed long time ago but recently I found it cancelled.
Moreover, the Buyers account was suspended. Perhaps it was the reason for this.
Did you have such experience?
Please help me understand it. Thanks.

Yes, it is possible that if a buyer account was suspended, every review he ever wrote will be deleted automatically.

My question is, did you get to keep the money? Or did he use PayPal to cancel your order and get his money back? This could be the reason his account got suspended.

Paypal cheats are rare, but they do happen.

Hi @fastcopywriter, no, my money was returned to the buyer. I do not know whether he used PayPal or not. Tnak you for your explanation though.:slight_smile:

Contact customer service if you want to know more. Good luck.

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Thank you! Good luck!

To me your buyer made a claim through his Paypal account. When that happens Fiverr will accept the claim and refund, to avoid going into a dispute. But also Fiverr will suspend that buyer´s account. As fastcopywriter says, contact customer service to confirm that.

Yes I have experienced once similar to this. It was my 2nd month on fiverr. One day I got an order to make a banner. It was a basic gig and I charged $5. The buyer paid $15 and asked for 3 design options. I delivered and just after 2 revisions, work was accepted by buyer and order was completed. After 5 days I received a message from fiver CS that this order was cancelled and money refund to buyer. when I switch to conversation history with buyer it denied and says you can’t contact…same as yours.
I contacted fiverr CS and take them to my order page and conversation with buyer.
Fiverr CS has ended this issue with this message…Buyer’s account has been suspended and fiverr pays you $12 as one time compensation. $12 has been added in my fund.

Ouch. Suspecting a suspended buyer here who possibly fraudulently paid for services, and eventually got caught up by Fiverr’s CS. Keep a lookout my friend, and try to withdraw as soon as a fair amount of $ has been generated to your account.


Hello sir,
So Fiverr actually gave you $12 which was actually refunded to the buyer when he made a claim through Paypal?