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Possibility to chose which deliveries go to the live portfolio

I would love to have a possibility to chose which from my deliveries go to the live portfolio of the gig, instead of like it is now, EVERY delivery. It will be also good to be able to add a photo at least to our deliveries in the live portfolio (I am delivering audio files).


It isn’t every delivery. It is only if the seller specifies to Fiverr they want it to be in your portfolio.

You can’t control which ones go in yours because then you’d be overriding the buyer’s decision. That would be biased and therefore unethical. The point of the portfolio is to give buyers an unbiased snapshot of your work and of how buyers perceive you, not for you to only show what you want people to see.

The portfolio wouldn’t have influence if you could engineer it with bias. The lack of seller influence is what makes them credible and powerful.


@humanissocial just to avoid misunderstanding, i am talking IF the buyer lets you show the delivery in your live portfolio. I am talking about the portfolio made of accepted deliviries (accepted to be shown in the portfolio from the buyer)
how can you say “biased” portfolio. Every person in the world creates custom portfolio consisted of his/hers BEST work, and not every little project he did. Why should fiverr be different? The way you are saying, turns out that every portfolio in the world is biased, only the fiverr ones are “bias free”. Incredible.

Fiver’s portfolio is not “portfolio” it is “list of completed projects”

I’m seller, you meant “buyer” I guess.


This isn’t a regular portfolio.

It is a live portfolio, controlled by the buyers.

The whole reason live portfolio influences sales is because other buyers know they are getting a full snapshot of your quality and they know they have a vehicle to share your work if it isn’t good. It provides credibility and a safety net because it incentivizes sellers to do their best work.

Regular portfolios aren’t as powerful because you could omit work you didn’t do well or work client’s weren’t happy with. Then they could spread rumours about you and insult your work to people.

The whole point of live portfolio is to show buyers the whole picture, not just what you want them to see. When you dictate what people see to craft their perception of you, that IS bias. The very definition of bias.

Like I said, buyers decide if their work goes in the live portfolio. You can’t decide when and how buyers get to make that decision.

How would you like it if you left a review picture on Am…n of your order and the buyer could take it down to prevent people from seeing the shoddy quality? You probably wouldn’t trust the company. That’s not even legal, to give buyers a right and then choose to revoke it at your will.

If you’re producing high quality work in every order, then you don’t have to worry about it.

Live portfolio is social proof. Social proof is a huge part of what drives people to buy on Fiverr.


I see that you havent enabled the live portfolio on every gig you have? How come?

There are activities for which even though you did your best work ever, the context is like that, it will pass bad image anyway. e.g. you create arrangement for music, adding instruments, but the composition itself is horrible. So you dont want to show that because it sound terrible even though you did the best work possible. I would like to CHOSE not to show it. It is not my fault if it is bad.

Or imagine a graphic designer that receives color palette he/she doesnt like and thinks its a disaster. He has right not to show that work in his portfolio. It is not his/her fault.


He can disable live portfolio for that delivery.


Good buyers look at those things in context and understand that what you are describing is the nature of commission work. It doesn’t make live portfolio any less powerful. Get skilled, interesting clients and then those pieces will stand out more in the live portfolio.

No true professional thinks a commission is solely the creation of the worker. And if buyers want you to do poor quality things, it is not in your best interests to comply.

You’re charging way too low and that’s going to attract people who don’t know what they are doing and may deflect people who do.

Bad buyers are the issue in this circumstance you describe. You should focus on changing that instead of seeking a biased system that would make live portfolio less powerful.

You can make a video or use your other gig photos to show the work you want people to see, with buyer permission.

Most of my work is marketing strategy, which is confidential. You should never make your strategy public because then people could copy it and also sabotage your efforts.

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@catwriter exactly! But that is my point: because of one project like that, he/she must hide the whole portfolio, and loses the right with that to show the other work which may be phenomenal and increase his chances to sell.


maybe you are missing completely what I am saying


Isn’t it possible to disable live portfolio for that one delivery, and enable it again for the next ones?

Sorry, I don’t use live portfolio, so I’m not sure.


No it isnt possible. Thats the whole point


No I’m not at all.

You’re missing the point of live portfolio.

Fiverr isn’t going to let you override a buyer’s decision to be included in live portfolio. That would be so unethical and would seriously undermine what makes live portfolio influential.

If you don’t see how you can overcome bad commissions and acquire better ones, you have some research to do.

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OMG you are talking about ethics now?? :slight_smile: You don’t understand still. But I dont have all day to argue, so I I’m letting go…

Those who want I think understand what I am trying to say

Have a nice day my dear colleague


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@imrul334 No, I’m new to the forum. It’s good to know that, thanks.


Yes I’m talking about ethics.

Because Fiverr isn’t going to do something inherently unethical and, as I explained, a biased live portfolio isn’t going to help you fix your issues.

Fiverr isn’t going to let you override the whole point of Live Portfolio and their ToS to suit your bias.

All I did was explain why things are the way they are and how to deal with your issues. I tried to tell help you and this is how your respond. Wow.

@imrul334 I tell things as they are instead of what people want to hear. I contradict myths and unethical ideas. Unfortunately those are abundant here.

Everything I’ve said here is rational logic about how things work. The only reason it is offending you two and making you hostile is because you don’t want to hear it. It contradicts your goals. I am not insulting anyone. I’m explaining things as they are and why they are. That shouldn’t prompt defensiveness. Rational debate shouldn’t offend you.


You are saying about “Rational debate” but flagging replies. That says it all.

@audioboon There is one tip that you can follow. If you want to add a specific work as a portfolio in your gig, then deliver the project by uploading your audio file( maybe mp3 format will work correctly ). But if you don’t want to show a specific project as your live portfolio, then deliver the file by compressing it as a zip file and attach in the delivery.

This is the way I manage the portfolios to show on my gig.
Thank you.


I flagged them because they are off topic, which goes against the terms of this forum and there is an option to flag them for that.

So yes, that is rational.

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He just asked for a simple tips. But you brought words like unethical, bias etc. Every post doesn’t need negative perspective. Many people post here for tips ( for example, this post was asking for tips ) and positive replies not negative replies.

Thank you.


Well, @imrul334 that was the answer I was looking for! I didn’t thought of a zipped file, it may work.

see, a simple answer will do, thanks