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Possible 2nd warning

Hey people!

So i had my first warning on the 18th of august this year.
And for that warning i never got a clear explanation from CS for why i got the warning.
The only thing i had to go on was this email:

To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you do not try to manipulate or find workarounds to ‘trick’ our system. This is improper behavior and a violation of our [Terms of Service]

This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [Fiverr support]

I removed the links because i dont know if it is allowed in a topic. (it was the link to the fiverr TOS and fiverr support)

So after that i could only guess what might have caused it and i think it might be that a buyer gave me a 2 star review for a delivery that they did not check before reviewing.
They read my delivery description and did not check the delivery files itself.
Might sound weird, but it was enough reason for fiverr to remove the rating by the request of the buyer.

And here is my thought on why i might got the warning: The buyer did not know how to modify a review, so they asked me and i explained that to them.
Then i think fiverr saw that as “manipulating the buyer into modifying their rating”? because i showed them how to modify it… that is my only guess so i think that was it.

That was the first warning.
Now i don’t have the 2nd warning yet but i think i might get one.

A buyer ordered animations from me, but they wanted the raw data so not cleaned up.
This was discussed in the chat before starting the order.
I made the animations, delivered them, they said they were good, and the order was completed.

But their rating was a 3.7 with the note attached to it saying that they expected the animation to be cleaned up.
And so i asked them as a seller that wants to make their buyers happy, “Hey thank you for completing the order. I did see by your low rating that you would have liked the animations to be cleaned up and we are happy to do that for you!”

And now i am worried out of my mind that i might receive a 2nd warning for this.

To make this long topic come to a quick end, will i get banned for receiving the 2nd warning?
I am a level 2 seller and have not received a warning in the last 30+ days.
My first warning was as i described so you can decide if it was a mild offense or a major offense of TOS.
And you read my possible 2nd warning so you can decide if it was a mild offense or a major offense of TOS.

I already reported it to CS to ask if what i did was the right way of handling things since i am an honest person, but they are taking a very long time answering while i am a nervous wreck over this situation.

Thank you for ready my very long topic, sorry for it being so long.
I only want to know if you think i will get banned or not.



I wouldn’t have done that. You are just attracting more attention to your account.

It depends on fiverr CS and what they deemed to be the first warning for.

It’s a different wording for the first warning from review manipulation so you might not get banned. But as rule of thumb for 2 warning for the same violation accounts are getting banned.

You’d better not use word “review” at all


Sorry i did not read you comment properly before responding haha i am a bit sleep deprived.

“It’s a different wording for the first warning from review manipulation so you might not get banned.”
Are you sure of this? because i dont see how my 2nd warning could be anything besides review manipulation.
And if they give me a warning for that then it would be 2 different violation so i only get a level demotion, i think?

(i am trying to be optimistic haha)

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Well, that makes no sense. You are inviting only those people that have/had the experience to receive warnings or in other words: those users who have/had violated Fiverr terms/policies multiple times.

FYI: Those who have multiple violations, are no longer selling on Fiverr because Fiverr blocked them and suspended all their gigs/services.

If you want to join their group and have a similar experience then its totally your choice.
(Then someone will create a post like this and ask you or such similar group to come and share their experiences.)

It makes no sense, no sense and its nonsense.

Alright i removed it from the topic.

I mainly mean other people that don’t know their exact reason of getting warnings i should have stated that, my apologies.

Can you give your insight on my question in the topic? What you might think would likely happen?

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Yes, sure. Let me revisit it.

You don’t need to discuss anything related to the review with the buyer. Reviews/Feedback must be honest. Discussing anything related to a review with your buyer certainly bring Fiverr’s attention. The system automatically picks all those messages in which the word “review” appears. You won’t even know which of your message (review) will bring action on your account.

Simply say: “Thank you for your query. As you know that as per Fiverr Terms of Service and being a seller, I am not allowed to discuss or provide any help related to that topic. I would advise you to kindly place a support ticket with the support for the assistance needed.”
Direct your buyer to the Buyer’s Help & Education center with a link.

It could even be 1 star. It doesn’t matter (they have rated your services)

You got the experience and how to deal with the projects involving animation work. For your future projects involving animation: Simply ask your buyer that whether they need that animation to be cleaned up or not. If they “Yes”, then deliver a cleaned animation or if they say “No” then leave as it is.
You have to learn from your past experiences. This review has given you that experience.
You can also respond to that review too which will be visible to all other buyers.

You don’t need to discuss anything related to the review.

In exchange of a better review? (You will receive an action again if that’s the case)

No matter how well you explain your position to the CS, but they consider it as review manipulation.

Why don't you LEARN from your past experience?

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So in the end i did not receive a 2nd warning.

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You are lucky, Hope you will not get any warning in future