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Possible copywritten material

Hello Everyone,
A few months back, I paid a lady on Fiverr to design a logo for me. I specifically ask that the logo be unique and that I would have all rights to it. The logo I received looked awesome so I accepted and paid her, close to $300.00 CAD. Here is the logo,

I just found out today that it looks like she pulled the image from another site ( and modified it.

I know that this particular lady has now been banned from Fiverr, for other reasons. My question to you all is, “What kind of repercussions can I expect if I continue to use this logo!”

If you have suggestions, please let me know. In the meantime, I will have to pull it off my site just in case.



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I have you’ve already put in a ticket with Customer Support. The wait-time is around 2 weeks.
Short answer is that your reputation could suffer, possible legal issues, negative goodwill, and possible monetary costs.

Hey welcome!

My suggestion is you take your refund and let go of this design or someone else make for you a similar one (I mean a handmade from scratch).

Clipart is not always something that being stolen from google image ect. There are vector platforms which provide license to re-edit them and sell them BUT re-edit does not means just color changing and add some shadows or relief’s.
The style could adept as an inspiration but the changing result should be something different. For example if the Skelet-skull-thing is from the side riding on the bike while holding a tomahawk :laughing:
I hope you know what I’m trying to explain.

Also this goes for typographies design. You never know if the seller who use the font got the license for it.

As I mentioned, maybe it’s better to take your money and drop this design.
Also this information is just based from my experience because in my private time I have help some POD friends and they also have to deal with trademarks /copyright stuff.
I let it open for clarify because I can not guarantee you the 100 percent answer. I’m sorry…I can provide just the little experience from what I know so far.

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@ imagination7413 and @ valon_art
Thank you both for your responses, they are both what I was kind of expecting. I have already removed the image from my site and also removed any product with that image on it. As for a refund, its been at least 3 months and the designer is no longer working on Fiverr, so I think I am out of luck on that. According to Fiverr, she was booted off for infringement rights, so it looks like I am not the only one she has done this too.

NOTE FOR ALL FUTURE BUYERS: Please do your homework before selecting a seller. I would hate to see another post like this one.


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Not necessarily!!!
I read somewhere here, that a buyer gets her/his money back NOT through fiverr but through paypal after a long time.
So I think there is a chance to get the money back even if its 3 month.
I just wondering myself as I read this. Thread should still be somewhere here in the forum. I think that one was a 2 month case.


usage of search bar

buyer refund after month

That will be fiverr TOS violation and they will ban his account right away.
Fiverr CS will be able to make a decision to refund him or not.
This is a clear violation and he should get his money back however it’s also been over 14 days after order completion.

Maybe you are right. That’s why I add the link below.
I’m sorry, don’t want anyone loose an account.

Does anyone have Fiverr’s contact. I looked on their help and support page but they do not make it easy to send a general question in.

I am most likely going to chalk this one up as a loss, but am real curious to what Fiverr has to say about the topic.

If she has bought the clip art it shouldnt matter, but when she is banned its impossible to find out…


Maybe this one?

Thanks @valon_art, I sent them a message. IF they respond, I will put a copy of there response here for all to read. If anything, this thread may help someone in the future.

Thank you to all who responded,

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Wish you good luck :v:

That shouldn’t concern him greatly, though - a buyer account has no value, and it’s easy to create a new one.

Well I received a response from Fiverr and is was great news. As promised here it is.

Hello Ken,

Katarina here and I am sorry to see that your experience with one of the sellers has not been good.

I reviewed everything and I see that this is the case indeed. Of course, everything that you purchase should be original.

I would like to offer to cancel this order for you? After it is cancelled, the funds will return to your Fiverr balance which you can then use for future purchase on our platform. Or, you can use this link -( I removed the link ) to refund them back to your original payment provider.

I can refund them from my side as well.

Also, I would be more than happy to recommend some other sellers who can help you and in addition to that, offer a 20% off promo code which you can use on your next purchase.

This was not something I was expecting, but extremely satisfied with the outcome. I am just waiting on the refund to be deposited into my Fiverr account so I can go looking for another logo.


Hooray!! :partying_face: Best wishes :v: