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Possible glitch in search feature?

Hello All,

I’m wondering if there may be a glitch with Fiverr’s search function? I noticed about 3 days ago that my gig disappeared from the search results, as did my profile, when doing my routine tag search. When I checked the Automated Status Checker I was given this message here:

that the Gig is active but needs further review. My gig is several months old and I had no issues with it until recently, when I noticed that my impressions and clicks were down drastically. I did send a message to CS who advised on their end their end, they also see that the gig is active and was approved by the Editorial Department. I confirmed later that the Gig became ‘searchable’ again, and I could find my profile once more.

However today, doing another search, I’ve noticed the same gig has disappeared once more and I am receiving the same message when I troubleshoot in the Auto Checker. I haven’t updated it since the first incident, so I don’t know what changes would need to be reviewed. Even still, I don’t get why my profile would disappear from search as well. This is incredibly disheartening especially looking at my recent analytics. I’m wondering if this is a bug? Has anyone else experienced this?

I don’t want to bother CS about this again as it’s only been 3 days since the last issue with the same and I would feel bad for being a nuisance. They were very helpful, but I feel like I might come off as bothersome. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You have an active account and gig.

It looks like you will have to contact Customer Support again in respect of the gig review problem.

Yes though, unfortunately, despite it being active, it is not appearing any search results. Which means that potential new clients will not be able to find my gig.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to. I feel really bad about bothering them with this again. I just didn’t know if this was a common issue. Thank you for your help though!

Just had a more detailed look at your gig.

It may have something to do with using the Fiverr logo in your gig image.

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Interesting…I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll change it and see if that makes a difference. Although, this image is the same one I’ve been using since I joined Fiverr several months ago. I’ll take it out and see if this helps, thanks!

Check this out:

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I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue.

I am also dealing with a similar problem: two of my Gigs are not showing (at all) in the search results. However, I didn’t receive any message, so I have no idea what’s going on.

In your case, since you received that message, it may be a good idea to contact CS.
After all, you’ve been asked to do so (if I were you I wouldn’t worry about bothering them in this case).

Best of luck with your Gig. I hope you will sort it out soon.

@giulia_f I’m sorry to hear you’re having a similar issue. Have you checked the Status Checker? It might give you some insight as to what may be the reason. Thank you for sharing your experience though.

Yes, I think that may be what I end up doing again. I’m going to reupload my pictures like @lloydsolutions suggested as well, perhaps that will make a difference. You may want to think about contacting CS also, they can be very helpful in these situations! Best of luck to you as well :slight_smile:


Oh, I hadn’t seen this. Thank you!