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Possible issue regarding profile 'completeness'

Hello All,

I have a slight issue with my profile completeness. Although I have filled everything in and linked my account with my Facebook page and Google page, when clicking the To Do icon it still says ‘Your user profile is incomplete’. If I proceed to click update now everything is completed, I have security questions set etc.

I have noticed however that it does not always show up asking me to complete my profile in the To Do area, but the majority of the time it does. When I view my analytics it says my profile is 100% complete.

I know its not a serious issue but maybe I’ve missed something or there is a minor issue?

Relatively new to Fiverr and more so new to the Fiverr forums so apologies if this is not the correct place to post this.

I’ll say straight up that I don’t know the answer to your question, but I did want to comment that I don’t think the profile completeness matters much. I didn’t want to connect my social media so mine has always shown 80% complete. I remember doing something with it on the to-do list, like checking “skip” or something. As far as I know, the profile has never affected me negatively or positively. :slight_smile:

Thanks FontHaunt, I do recall seeing a skip button or ‘No thanks’ but it has not reoccurred since the first time I clicked it however it still seems to say incomplete most of the time I open my To Do list.

Nonetheless it’s harmless as far as we know anyway!