Possible issue with order page


I’ve just been notified of a possible issue by some customers of mine.

I send people to my gigs from outside fiverr and have been telling them to find the gigs from under my username. So for example send them to http://fiverr.com/yourname and telling them to choose the gigs from there… However today several people reported the same issue:-

When you load the page with your gigs on it it will usually load the first few gigs and then under that will say loading…and after a few seconds will load and display the rest of your gigs. Today I started getting reports from some customers they could not see certain gigs, when I took a look I saw the same thing. The loading button says loading but nothing further appears. this is not happening in all browsers, and it is intermittent and some customers are not seeing it, but it is happening, but if you are finding a drop in certain orders I would take a look at this and make sure it is not happening to you. I have already reported this to support with further information on this.


Hi Girls,

What I am seeing is this. Only the first few gigs load, nothing further and it is only happening in chrome so far as I am aware, and only on the main profile page and not not in firefox or internet explorer and I have already reported it to support and sent them screenshots showing them what is happening. There is no more button now, as you scroll down it says loading and more gigs appear as you scroll down, It looks like it has been recoded and there are no apparent issues in other browsers other than chrome.

@madmoo all the gigs appear as you state when you click on any gig and scroll beyond the feedback, its only one under the main profile, but I can clearly see the two pages are coded differently. Anyway support have the issue now.


Support say they are now looking into it. I know many people upsell their gigs, including me, by sending buyers to their profile page to look at other gigs and this is a potential issue and I thought I was getting some strange messages from buyers, asking if I had other gigs which were clearly there. The other thing is this and I might as well put it out in the open. I have been doing SEO to the profile page, and over the past few days have been getting orders for the gigs that appear at the top and the ones that are not loading are not getting many and have just had someone want to order ALL my gigs and I mean all but only saw the first few and this does need to be fixed. For now if anyone does need to show buyers their other gig(s) the the best thing is what MadMoo suggested and that is to tell buyers to look beneath the feedback on specific gigs to view other gigs.


I only have three “gigs” but I am wondering if it is correlation to the delivery problems I have been having (I posted under another thread)


I have the same problem when I go to my profile to find a collection. The first page loads and then when I click on “More” it looks like it’s loading but just shows the same ones over again.


Reply to @madmoo: yes true…I experience that problem too…Since the sample view is available now…all the attached images get loaded and after that only others are ok and ready to check…can’t view anything until all are loaded…that should be fixed i think…


I have the issue where the Loading label just displays without finishing the load.


Its now fixed! Just got an email from support saying its working and it is.


My reply feedback is not showing for the last two delivered trees but at least the clients feedback is showing that is what matters


Reply to @tn5rr2012: This is another issue and I remember there was an issue like this a few weeks back, but it was where the buyers feedback was not appearing when it said gig completed and the only way to see it was by going to the feedback page for the gig and looking beneath it to see if feedback was there or not and that was fixed. If your feedback isn’t appearing I would report it to support.