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Possible Predator

So I had a gig where I used my own picture in the side for the cover. A buyer messaged me about it and asked me how I provide the service. Told him I use the fiverr site and can use ■■■■■ (a video calling/messaging platform) too if required. My packages started from $15 and he asked me if I could do it for $5 since he would only require 30 mins of my time. I was free so I made him a custom offer but before he accepted it he kept asking me if I did video calls. I told him that I could but started feeling sketchy. I checked his buyer account and he was top buyer to my surprise. Almost all his sellers were ‘fiverr models’ and that seemed even more suspicious to me because what kind of a buyer required that many models in a week? Anyways so to further confirm my suspicions he asked me if I was alone. I told him I wasn’t and he started persuading me to go somewhere private and video call or else he won’t order. He even offered me extra money to do that. I ignored him afterwards but this was my first such experience in fiverr and I don’t know what to do. Should I report him? Is there a way of reporting buyers? Did he have bad intentions or am I reading too much into it? Because he was after all a 5 star buyer. Please let me know what I should do now.


I think you did the right thing buy ignoring him and blocking him. It’s alway better to go with your gut. I would suggest reporting him as well just in case your suspicions are correct. Recently, I had someone ask me if I could do a voiceover gig for him. When I started asking him more questions about the job, it turned out he wanted to use my voice to get him off ew gross. I politely declined and told him that I do not take request to simulate ■■■■■■ acts or anything else of a graphic nature. Unfortunately, when you offer services at $5 a pop, sometimes the creeps will come calling. You just have to weed them out when you can. Good luck!


Have you reported him? What he’s asking for isn’t allowed on Fiverr.

Yes, please.

Yes, either click on Report in the message where he insists that you go somewhere private, or submit a ticket to Customer Support (choose Trust and Safety) and tell them that the buyer was acting in a suspicious way and sending you inappropriate requests (provide them with screenshots, as well).


A lot of creepy and sketchy stuff from time to time. They know you are eager to get a sale to help with ranking and stats. I immediately say no to hagglers and requests that feel off. Often they try to feel out how far they can push. Be strong! Do report. Fiverr does a great job of looking into things on the back end.


I would have stopped talking to him when he offered $5 for a $15 job.

And then I would have ignored and blocked him when he mentioned video calls.

And again, I would have blocked him when he asked if I was alone. But this probably comes from experience. Sorry this happened to you.

Of course he had bad intentions as you know. Yes you should report him with screenshots of his improper questions.

There are predators here who seek out females for various things. Sometimes it’s for “friendship” which also needs to be blocked, sometimes it’s for other things. I had someone offer me a plane ticket to another country for some reason. Be on guard.


Yeah right when he hit you with the $5 offer I would of hit him back with the block button.


And a report, bunny. Don’t forget to report !! :smiling_imp: :wink:


The way I am reading your interaction with him, I would be careful writing to customer service and giving screen shots of your conversation with him. Why? Well, technically, we are NOT allowed to offer S k y p e sessions or anything else that takes us off this platform. If you send off screen shots showing how you agreed to do a video or even voice call with him, they may frown on that and it will bring some negativity to YOU - and may put your account in peril.

$5 for “only 30 minutes of your time”. WTH? Really? Do you know what those who are in “that” business charge per MINUTE to talk “that way” to a guy? Honey, try well OVER $5 a minute… LOL And add video - heck, that better be at least $10 a minute with a minimum of 10 to 20 min session. This guy must have thought you were dumb enough to chase after a $5 bill - which you don’t even get that entire $5 for 30 min of “sexy talk”? I would have clobbered him over his head.

Just be careful and think twice before you hand over transcripts saying you were OK with talking to him outside the messaging system here.


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I didn’t realize the OP is offering to do video calls? I’m sure that couldn’t possibly attract sketchy guys.

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Re read this part:

So, if she were to go and send off correspondence between her and the sketchy guy, they may punish HER for offering to take things to another platform. I would hate for her to get in trouble, as she is new and probably has no idea this is not normally allowed (yes, I know some have cleared with CS to do video or chat calls, but that is rare).



Many an attractive young lady has come and gone from fiverr this way.

No need to communicate by video chat to anyone. I hate to see women lured into chats on video.


Shoot, I think I said a naughty word in my above post. argh. Never had a post hidden on me as soon as I hit send! Sorry about that… all I was saying is I get those naughty chat requests too - had one guy who wanted me to humiliate him, also get a lot who want to discuss their mommy issues. Oh, and did have the feet guys too. I think we all get the feet guys.



You took what I wrote out of context and understandably so. I do not offer video calls. Heck, I was even offered extra just so I would agree to video call. I am not as money hungry as you make me seem. The gig was $20 for 2 hours of peesonal assistance. It might be underpriced according to some of you more experienced sellers but I am merely starting out. According to that, my renumeration IS $5 for 30 mins which is why I agreed. And in personal assistance tasks, you often have to use other platforms because managing those are literally your task sometimes.

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I am a practicing Muslim woman so please do not suggest that I encouraged this in anyway, that contributes to victim blaming and I am sure you didn’t mean it that way. I appreciate all the advice as someone new but that doesn’t make me niave or greedy enough to offer services not suitable for this site. I have always been and always will be professional no matter how much money I am offered.

Nobody said that you did. @genuineguidance just said that this predator was offering a ridiculously low price for a service he wanted to get, not that you implied that you offered anything close to that kind of service. :slight_smile:

But you said

so it does look like you offer video calls.

Have you clarified with Customer Support when and how you’re allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr? If not, perhaps it would be a good idea to do it, because strictly speaking, communicating outside of Fiverr is forbidden, and you could get an account warning (or even get banned) if Customer Support suspects that you’re violating that rule.


I understand you are not an immodest woman. But males might not realize that, or might expect or do things on video you wouldn’t like. It’s risky.

If all they want is to do a video call without anything in the line of work, you should refuse. I don’t see why you would need to do a video call anyway, even as an assistant. You should say no you don’t do those.

It doesn’t mean anything, unfortunately. Only that they’ve made a certain amount of orders through the site.

I’d hit block/report immediately after the “are you alone” question. It’s a reason enough.


No matter who ever that guy was,self safety comes first than business and you have done a great job by ignoring him.:innocent:

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I am definitely going to report him. I got another one to report too but who was more of a scammer than a creeper. Both gave me bad vibes.

The guy surely had bad intentions doesn’t matter if he is a 5 start buyer. He should be immediately reported to Fiverr customer support with all the screenshots of the conversation message.