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Possible Scam? Anyone get this?

Hey y’all…does anyone else receive messages like the one pasted below? So far I’ve gotten 2 identical messages from different buyers but with an intro like this…I’m fairly new to using Fiverr, but something about this just screams spam to me. I ***'ed out the name and the ■■■■■ address just in case I’m wrong.

So far I’ve marked both messages as spam just in case, but if this is how it’s supposed to be, then at least I’ll know for next time.

TIA y’all!

“Hello, I’d like to invite you to apply for an open job position of an Accounting Administrative Assistant/Data Entry position. We believe you are capable of handling the position due to your profile and you have been selected for an online interview and job briefing.
You are to log on to ■■■■■.com to setup an account if you don’t have one, once done with the account setup you are to contact the hiring manager Mr. ********* with the with the following live ID: ********** via ■■■■■ web or ■■■■■ App for the commencement of your interview session and job briefing, Thank you!”


I’ve gotten a message like that too. It’s a scam because if someone from that company wanted to hire you, they would email you through the company email (they just used gmail to email me).


whats going on fiverr market place ?


Hi Krystin and welcome to the forum.

Most likely a scam, yes, and in any case, one of Fiverr’s major rules, one of those that you can lose your account over, is that all communication has to stay on Fiverr, no exchange of contact info unless necessary for a gig (say you design calling cards, obviously you need the email of the customer if that’s going to be on it but still that email is not to be used for anything else).

Especially as long as you’re still new, unfortunately, you’ll probably get quite a few spam/scam messages, as new people generally are a better target.


Yeah it seems like scam. Just report and avoid them. This is the only best solution to be safe and work without any interference.

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It’s not possible scam
It"S s straight SCAM!


Thanks to everyone that answered! I appreciate the time you guys took to answer my question!

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


yes there are many scammerc come here in fiverr. Be aware of the link they provide. dont click them. just report fiverr will take care of it

Hi @krystinvictoria like what the rest have said, it is a scam. Good on you for recognising it however, you just can’t be to careful.

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

Yeah it’s a scam. Report it.

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In recent days, this type of scammers are many. I also received such kind of messages many time.