Possible scam-SIA Engineering


I am wondering if anyone else has been contacted about a job offer for SIA Engineering? It sounds like a scam to me but wanted to check with others.


No I haven’t but when you say job offer do you mean to purchase a gig of yours? Send them a custom offer.


Thanks for the response. An actual offer. Going around fiverr hiring the people on a long term basis either as an independent contractor or actual employee.


What did you find out? They messaged me


I’m doing an interview with them as I speak. I responded to an ad with subsea global for position in miami, fl and they reached out to me. I don’t know if the companies are really related. I received a text message from a Bessie Hunter of SIA engineering for an interview. The interview took place over google hangouts and seemed pretty fishy. Some of the grammar was off. They’re asking me to purchase all working software with a check that’s being sent to my home. They’re also providing a laptop to work on. Apparently it’s a work from home type gig with a hefty pay. I was told that I would be an actual employee and not a contracted one. There also was a huge discrepancy in what the pay would be. Indeed read 16 to 19 hour. I was told I’d receive 39.84 per hour, 27.00 per hour while training. I was asked a questionaire which I believe was ignored as one of my responses asked for one thing and the person I spoke with said another…as if it were already pre-typed. I don’t know I’ll let you guys know whats going on as it happens


They’re supposedly sending out an official employment letter via email.


Please - be very careful with this - the company called SIA engineering does not have a location in Miami.

Seriously? What reputable multi-national would ask you do do this.

Doesn’t exist.

It’s a scam!


Sounds extremely suspicious and also like it could be against Fiverr rules so I am closing the topic.