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Possible Scam

Just got this message; I’m assuming its a scam. If you get anything similar watch out. Should I report this person?

Reply to @celticmoon: LOL @ SPAMM.

Why do you think, it’s a scam? He/She is just offering you partnership. You can refer clients to him and he will pay you $5 ($4 indeed) in return. :slight_smile:

No problem in referring only 2 clients, if he/she doesn’t pay you back then you should not refer any clients to him in future. :slight_smile:

In my thinking, it’s worth giving a try. :wink:


I received that and reported it straight away. That’s spam to me. May or may not be a scam, but I’m really fed up of people using the messaging system in this way.

Hi katieder123 :slight_smile:

I don’t know. It’s a bit complicated. I have had inbox messages asking for things I don’t usually do. Usually I say thanks and goodbye as I prefer to work for buyers who just order what I already offer in my gigs’ descriptions. But, it doesn’t look like classic spam. I would say, trust your intuition. Of course I would never accept if they asked to move this co-operation out of fiverr as that would be against the TOS.

all the best :slight_smile:

I feel like they are just trying to get more orders off of me, by me referring them I lose out on a client and they gain. I guess “scam” isn’t the right word

Any unwanted or unsolicited email is a form of SPAM, and as a charter member of S.P.A.M.M. (Stop Putting your Asinine stuff in My Mailbox) I hit the “report” button, and if they persist in bugging me ('cause even though the ‘report’ button says the person can no longer contact you, they usually CAN), I report them personally to CS. If enough complaints are received about a member, their account will get suspended, at least temporarily.

Although this message doesn’t sound exactly like a scam, more a “partnership” as suggested above, it does sound lop-sided to me, too. You’re doing all the referring! I used to politely respond to spam like this, saying thanks, but no thanks. After a while it just gets tiresome and annoying.

Reply to @celticmoon:

> S.P.A.M.M. (Stop Putting your Asinine stuff in My Mailbox)


You guys want to join? We do require that every member bring a personal armadillo to meetings, although after last year’s ruckus we changed the constitution to allow mascots to be stuffed.

It’s fun! <:-P

I really was surprised to hear “S.P.A.M.M. (Stop Putting your Asinine stuff in My Mailbox)” ,

I also got a message saying that you do 5 photos for $5. He said that he will order my gig when someone else orders his gig for 1 photo, therefore till he gets 5 orders, I will need to edit his each photo, he will earn $25 without doing any work while I will earn just $4 doing all the work and that too 5 photos which I do for my buyer. But, he was just another seller on fiverr so I did not accept it.

Reply to @celticmoon: Can I bring my duck instead? I’ll put a little suit of armor on him.

Reply to @aingham69: They probably always contact you because well… you guys take up all the orders. There’s no choice but to reach out to the top sellers in the video testimonial / article writing market. Unless they promote like crazy OUTSIDE of Fiverr, they won’t get a chance to be exposed because of the density of the two industries. Basically anybody that keeps posting something about their gig is a SPAMMER. So… what do you suggest for them? Just kick them out and leave the top rated sellers for all the buyers?

without doing any work it’s cheating we don’t accept those things

Reply to @professordave: We have all had to build our gigs up from somewhere. We all started at the very bottom, and have built gigs up from promoting in different ways and being recommended by others. Mine started from one buying continually coming back, and then recommending me to others. I would also promote now and then on social media and started up a Fiverr blog to bring in more people to my gig pages.

If you keep posting just about your gig, yes you’re a spammer. But you can also add other information about why you like Fiverr, or offer tips about buying/selling on Fiverr. A range of information will even out the promotion.

Spamming my already busy messaging system isn’t going to make me want to pass on my work to anyone. If I wanted to get into a partnership I would directly message people. I’ve gotten in touch with other writers in the past to ask for samples to see if I can recommend them when I get someone asking me for something I can’t do.