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Possible scammer... [ALWAYS REPORT messages that ask you for email contact]


There are dangerous scammers who have been changing names and contacting at Fiverr. Hope these culprits may be taken to task.
Recent one:
********* left you a message in your inbox:**

**"hit me up at ******@ yahoo com am Mercy i seek your friendship am not always online so contact me on my email will tell you more of my self"

Earlier one:
******* A lady from sierra Leone i have business to discuss with you am not always online here i wait for your reply to my box."**

Mod Note: Please do not post the details from scam emails. Only enough detail to identify them is needed on the forum, not enough detail to attempt to contact them.


Got that an hour ago. Just deleted without thinking.


Got that same message few minutes ago


Got the same messages, but I flag the person who write them to me, and after fiverr review to the person, they deleted his/her account. Here is what I got:

Hit me up at {…@ protonmail com}am Baako mercy A lady from sierra Leone am seeking for friendship
contact me on my email address so that i can tell more of my self with my picture
am not always online here i wait for your email to my email box yours new friend Mercy


Can Fiverr flag this messages, before they arrive to us?


I also deleted it. But the aim of posting here is to inform everyone in the community that we need to be careful of these scammers. There are newbies here, like me, who may get trapped by these scammers. Many people have lost their hard earned money to these fake guys.


My day started with this message today.
Delete this message without thinking twice.


How can Fiverr flag a message before it’s sent? I know they’re good, but they’re not mind readers. :wink:

Please just have a bit of common sense when it comes to messages that sound too good to be true, may have dodgy links, or are out and out phishing attempts.

Treat Fiverr messaging in the same way you would your incoming emails.


thank you for a headup deeptijadli14


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Got this SAME, ABSOLUTELY SAME message as the previous which I got. But now it’s from a different account.


Block and report - it’s all you can do. :slight_smile:



Just report them and don’t open any files, etc.


Just click report, these scammer is everywhere and everytime :smiley:


#DON’T reply, just IGNORE.
Simple & Quick!


i got these text

Am Mercy Baako A lady from USA i have business to discuss with you am not always online here i wait for your email to my email box.


I got a message from this “Mercy” too and I sensed danger, I just didn’t reply to her.


You are right! I flagged all the spammers, which wrote to me!