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Possible scammer buyer?

it’s the first time I experience such a situation and would like to ask if anybody else did.
I’m receiving several orders (1 gig each) from different buyers. Or at least it seems to be different buyers, because actually the material they’re sending me has exactly the same layout and topic in every order. And I’ve received these orders 2-3 minutes one after the other.

Now, my question is: could it be a scammer? Someone who, after delivery, could cancel the order or otherwise threaten to leave bad reviews with different names (i.e. user profiles)?

I know this can seem kind of “too much”, but I know some buyers are desperate to get a 10$ gig for free, so it wouldn’t surprise me too much if this scenario was real.

Do you have any suggestion or experience to share? Please do it:)

Thank you very much!


You can contact Customer support about it and they can find out, if i’s just one guy using multiple account, they will do something abou it

If it feels like something is wrong pay attention to your instincts.
Since you feel it is a scammer, do not accept the orders. Cancel them.

I would be alerted straight away to this too. I think the advice to contact Customer Support is good. Follow your gut - scammers are out there, and cancel if you are anyway dodgy.

Thank you for your answers, I am contacting customer support for sure!

Have you ever experiences strange behaviours like this? I think it can be useful sharing, even if we can’t tell buyers’ (or scammers’) names…

This has happened to me MANY times. My advice would be to report the user(s) to fiverr and do not proceed with the orders.

I believe it’s linked to the ‘free gig’ offer that is promoted by fiverr. For example, any friends I invite to fiverr automatically receive a free gig:

An unscrupulous user could simply send themselves referrals (proxy + vpn) and theoretically receive unlimited free $5 gigs.

Oh I have, I worked on a $5/order each from 2 “different buyers” that just magically got cancelled. Well, it was something really simple so I didn’t really get that annoyed… Lesson learned for me, though. haha

Hi everybody! The only thing you have to do is watermark(soundmark etc) your work before sending it to customer.Once paid you can send again the order ,but non-watermarked

I contacted customer support and actually this is a scam!

@denizzio: Unfortunately I can’t wartermark, it was a translation service…

@mrproofreading: Thanks. Yes, this make perfectly sense and could easily be the reason for such a time consuming behaviour…

Well, at least this was a good thing to learned. I hope this will be useful for others as well!
Thank you everybody

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I found one today, which is a possible tricker here. his nickname is *********, order a programm from me, one which I delivered to a lot of customers and had only good reviews, and then pretend the moneyback or he will live a bad review claiming that is a virus. I use the exactly same program and I know is not! so the guy took the programm and the money back! please be aware !

@giulia_italia: This scammers can go to any level to get there work for free.

I create wordpress website on Fiverr. And two weeks before I received two mails from Fiverr Customer Support that your orders are cancelled. In two days my two order got cancelled.

Both the order was of $175 each which include everything related to Ecommerce website.

I had successfully completed both the order. And surprisingly both the buyers left 5-star ratings as well as a good feedback after the delivery.

And then after 16-17 days my both the order was cancelled. I immediately contacted Fiverr Support & told them how can they cancel the order when my buyer has given me 5-star ratings & the funds was also available for withdrawal as it cleared the 14-days pending clearance period.

And Fiverr Support replied that your buyer has reported that the transactions was unauthorized transaction & they have reversed the amount by contacting their bank. So we have to return the amount back.

So at the end I got nothing & delivered both the website to my client and they are happy using them as they have changed the login details after delivery.

And also got my cancellation rate to drop by 4%

I just hope Fiverr finds out some way to protect all the sellers.


Thanks for sharing about this kind of scams :smiley:

Hi there,

I was scammed too, very recently. When I delivered the order (logo), the scammers respond was that the files are empty, which of course wasn’t true, so he requests order cancelation and immediately deletes his account. I’ve lost 260$ on this. But the worst thing is that Fiverr just could do nothing…

My question: is why someone who has any objections about the gig delivery, is able to delete the account and withdraw his many instantly before customer support verifies that particular case. While I have to wait 2 weeks for my money to be cleared?

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Could it have been a PayPal chargeback if the buyer’s account’s now gone?

Maybe ask CS if you haven’t already done so?

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I’m not sure, but I put the CS answer below.

I’m really sorry to hear about the order cancelation but the situation with this order was canceled due the buyer is no longer part of our community, the order was canceled by the system as soon as the profile was removed from our site due to my privacy Policy we are not able to share additional information about this process.

I’m really sorry to feel this way but cancellations are part of our community and as I stated before we are not able to control this type of activities the buyer would not be able to be part of Fiverr again but we can compensate of reversed the order cancelation.


go with your gut. also, the hinky test, for me, is to ask questions…scammers resent questions, real buyers appreciate them. the questions need to be necessary and genuine. also scammers are always trying to hurry you…this is a red flag. good work takes time.

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thanks for kaind information.

Thanks for sharing your information.

My goodness, I haven’t received a buyer request yet,but hearing this all scares as well as alerts me. Thankyou :yellow_heart: to all.