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Possible to create a fresh account after the original got disabled?

I think if you have the skill and talent then you can make anything happen.
Even starting all over again, things will go well for you since now you have all that experience on top of what you have to offer.
I want to ask, can I create a new account?
If I abide by the ToS this time and be on my best behavior, would creating a new account be okay and without any ‘problem’?
Please educate me if there are some precautionary measures to be taken or if there are things I should do or keep in my mind prior to taking a new, fresh start in the form of another account.
Thanking in advance.


You’ll need to get permission from CS before you create a new account. Email them on

Right now you appear to have created a new account without permission, so have broken TOS again.

Delete this account, read the terms of service and then ask for permission from CS.