Possible to extend time from "completion"


So anyway I ordered a gig back on December 29. the estimated queue without rush would have been approximately nine days. I ordered a rush which would have shortened it down to five days, which would have completed it on January 3, 2015. The seller marked the gig as being complete on January 3, 2015 and contacted me saying that he is a little behind and he will have it out ASAP, please be patient.

I contacted him this morning around the 24 hours left mark inquiring on the status of the gig and have yet to get a response or a product/service delivered. As of now, I have about 8 more hours or so until the gig is automatically “completed”. I still want the gig to go through, but is there a way to have an extension beyond the default three days?

Thanks in advance!


Nvm, I just ended up rejecting it to get more time…despite what his feedback says about him…I really wish the dude would communicate better.


Sending an empty delivery is against the rules… you should warn the seller or report him so he doesn’t fool others! I mean, I get late too sometimes, but when I do, I just inform my buyers that I’ll be late and request a verbal extension. I don’t mark the gig as complete. It’s against the rules - and it’s unfair to the buyer. Because once the gig gets auto-completed (and it does, when buyers don’t know what’s going on) it’s as good as free money for the seller. And they can and do get away with it.