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Possible to get GIGs without much on my portfolio

Hi all

I’m very new to Fiverr and trying to work out how to get started with not much to show.

I’ll be aiming at vocal work and copy writing as a I have experience in those.
However, I don’t have much recent work to put on my portfolio.

I’m thinking about offering services at very low prices to build up my portfolio here.

Has anyone else started from absolute scratch, or are most people coming from jobs in their own sectors with plenty of things to show already?


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I’m a college student, so I can safely say that I have basically no job experience in anything.

I guess you could say that for writers there are easy ways to show off your abilities: write a snappy gig description/bio, and respond to buyers requests sounding like you know your business.

In terms of portfolios for vocal work, you should still put up a video so that people know what your voice sounds like, and what to expect for your gig :slight_smile:


I beg to differ. You have a great deal of job experience.

Job experience is ones ability to socialize and articulate themselves well. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be a computer programmer, in a dark hole in a cave, or a party planner that has to speak to many people on a daily basis.

In order to maintain a resemblance of a professionalism, you need to have a desire to help others. You current job skill is to be a student, get the education and while at it advance your skills by being a freelancer.

Being on 5r you are actually a business owner in charge to customer support (buyers), doing the job (skill), supplying the demand (liaison) — all job skills that you will only enhance as time goes by.

So many people forget freelancing is a business, 5r is only a platform. You and only you can make 5r into a success or failure. You seem to be doing pretty darn good so far!


That is honestly a great mindset that I might steal :female_detective: I suppose it really applies to everyone!

Thanks for the praise! :sunny:

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This is why formal qualifications and experience only tell part of a person’s story.

You’re a talented and professional seller, and it shows in almost every post you write. I often read your writing and wish I needed your services, just so we could work together.


Anyway, to avoid OT, I better address the OP’s post!

You can create dummy samples. In fact, it’s often best to do so. Clients rarely want their work paraded about in somebody’s portfolio.

Create two pieces of copy for an imaginary product. Include screenshots or PDFs of your write-ups in your profile. Most buyers will recognise you have a knack for sales just from reading your samples.


Indeed. For example, I have been successful as a freelancer for many years. But if I went to a corporate job interview, they would see my lack of formal employment these past years as a hole in my job history – when, in fact, I have been a very successful self-employed businessman that entire time. But, because I have not been “employed”, I have that surface stigma of being less desirable to companies that want “top talent”.

Granted, not every corporate hiring guy/gal will look at my career so superficially, but, unfortunately, the “oh, this guy hasn’t worked for anyone significant in years” mindset is quite prevalent. It can be a hard mindset to change.


I meant to respond earlier, but thanks so much for the praise! I try my best :wink:

(For once, I wish there were a superlike comment for forum posts. Getting a compliment from a professional seller like yourself really means a lot to me!)


I’m really new at Fiverr but a superlike option would be awesome! I imagine it would be a bit like a birthdaycard with a happy birthday song in it. Kind of annoying but still fun and appreciated :unicorn:

I was also brand new to voice work about a year ago. The video I have up right now was the only thing I had as an “example” and it got me jobs. So you definitely need some sort of example, but you can just sit down and record something quick. Buyers want to make sure you have the right voice quality, sound quality, editing, etc. so show them you have the goods :slight_smile: