Possible to transfer money from fiverr to my bank account or paypal?


I plan to become a seller here at Fiverr (goal is to become at least level two). Before I really get into it I was wondering if I would eventually be able to transfer the money I make from Fiverr to Paypal or my bank account. I’m using Fiverr to grow my main business, as well as use the skills I’ve learned in doing so to sell on Fiverr to make some side money.
So basically here are my two questions;
-Can I transfer my Fiverr balance to Paypal or my bank account when the time comes?
-Do you guys have any tips on how to market my gigs and increase sales?
-Anybody up for collaborations (message me if you’d like me to explain)

Thanks in advance!
-Warmest regards,


You may wish to peruse this support page, along with all other topics presented there for further information:


Good Luck! :thumbsup:


I think you have to contact fiverr customer support for this




Yes, you can. Dj’s link will work.