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Post 3 Gigs Today! And Its My Frist Day!

Join Fiverr Today i am very thankful of that two honest frienst which give me some positve tips :slight_smile:

Welcome to fiverr World :slight_smile:

Reply to @yogabudi: thnx :slight_smile:

i am kashif From pk and Graphic Designer my Final 9 Logo Good work fit Fiverr

Try to make unique gigs… you will get lots of sell here… Fiverr is really awesome marketplace… so i believe you will be success here.

Welcome to the community.

Post different gig and keep working hard.

Welcome to Fiverr!

Reply to @silberma1976: Thank You So Much!

i am also new here … any advice to sell my service , am very talented , but i have no order …

Welcome to Fiverr - it works if you work it. I don’t know that my advice will be helpful for you in your sales category, but you’re welcome to take a look: These are the sort of things I wish somebody had told me when I started selling on Fiverr, so that’s why I pass them on. Good luck :slight_smile:

Wellcome to Fiverr

Thanks everyone You People are too much Helpful i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Welcome Kylee i hope u are will Bast of Luck Fiverr

Hi Kylee, It is nice to meet you. I have had an account with fiverr for 4 years due to my sudden illness was not able to do anything with it much but the good news is that I have 3 new gigs going and hopefully I will have customers soon. I am so ready. Congratulations Kylee on your success. :-SS