Post a Request Does not show up!


Can someone help me. I do not know why the POST A REQUEST page does not show up properly. It is basically BLANK. Hence, I cannot post a request to look for a possible candidate to do a job? Why? and How can I go around doing this if for some reason I am not qualified?


Blank on my send as well - possibly a bug?

Fingers crossed it comes back soon for you!


Tripple confirmed!

No Request form shows up

You see guys… I’m not crazy lol. What’s wrong? Any fiverr management people here?

Makes me don’t wanna use fiverr anymore.


Sorry but this is the Fiverr forum. No management here.

Your best option would be to submit a ticket via Customer Support, but I am quite sure they are already aware of this since you are not the only one facing this issue.

So my personal recommendation would be to wait and see a bit.


Same here. Just a blank page.