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Post a Single Tip or Trick for Getting Orders

I am starting this discussion for both senior and junior members of Fiverr. Please share a single tip or trick for fiverr sellers to get orders. This discussion will surely help us all. Please contribute your share to the post.


Mine is be active on the site though you have orders or not and try to do some off site promotions to drive traffic to your gigs using YouTube, Social Media etc. I also can’t guarantee two orders per days since I am also struggling to get at least 1 order per day.

Try to deliver orders on peak time of USA market.

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Know and understand what “professional” means. :smiley:


No one can give you tips to get 2+order per day, it depends on your gigs, if your gigs have highly public demand then it will sale, any way try to share your gig in social media, and always try to active on fiverr forum,

always be professional

Be yourself. Don’t hide behind a fake identity.

Promote yourself and then do really, really good work that is truly worthy of 5-star ratings. The buyers will find you.

Reply to @valanne: Yes! I agree with this one. I always sign my first name to messages and my work, and am professional but also personal with clients and potential clients. In other words, I let my true personality show and that seems to “click” with many buyers.

honesty is the key i think

Well this is for when you do actual get an order…Even though you might have instructions on the order page I do say thank you for placing your order and when they close it I do thank them as well. All the best.

How do you say social media like what?

There is no point in replying to old posts.

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

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