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Post Buyer Request

How can i post Buyer request to buyer request panel?

Are you buying or selling?

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Hi there ,i am selling .

Please tell me if anyone well known about this.

You simply bid on request that you are interested in or able to do.

Are you asking how to bid?

I hope you’re not planning on spam posting your gig.

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Not at all i want to know when i go to buyer request options i saw there so many request posted already but they are seller how they did ,do you call them spamer?

Yes. (20 characters)

If/when they get caught, they will be banned. Buyers cannot see what they have posted so they’ve wasted their time. Sellers are supposed to read buyer requests (not post them) and if they feel they can do a listed job, they bid on it. Some sellers get confused and others just think they are being sneaky by spamming there, but it doesn’t work. That’s all there is to it.


It is not allowed to post your gigs in the buyer request section!