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Post Here When Your Last Red Warning Flag Turns Green


I’m not there yet, but just one more percent on order completion…

Help me in improving my gigs. Any suggestions?

Pinned as this could be a nice tale of achievement or an inspiration for people who are struggling.


Done, but my stats jump around like crickets so I’m not holding my breath.


I’m going backwards! I’m back down to 88% completion. What a week…


I wait “Next evaluation: Jan 15, 2018”


Great job! Your gigs look awesome, and you deserve to be a TRS.

Your numbers are going to make some people (me) jealous. :slight_smile:


Waiting for next evaluation


Based on the screenshot you shared, you don’t have the necessary requirements to earn level 1.


I am trying to reach on level 1 still trying to get more order


Good luck. You’ll get there. Keep working hard, keep building your seller reputation.


Thank you.Keep me in your prayer


I’ll pass. My prayers aren’t likely to help you. But I will wish you luck.


Thanks.nice to meet you.


:confused: everyone’s “earn at least” is different i see, ^^ i won’t be leveling up anytime soon, good luck everyone else though


Earings also 100%…Great Job!! seems like perfect seller profile.:clap:


This is the first time I’ve seen the level 1 requirements. I am at 89% order completion, which could cost me my level 2 badge. According to this, it could cost me a level 1 badge as well. What would I be if I wasn’t a 1 or a 2?


@cyaxrex I think you deserve the TRS badge. You sincerely deserve it. Wishing you the best here as I hope to reach your level.


New Seller… :confused:


Maybe there will be a probation. But maybe we are all on our probation now.



FINALLY! I’m all green. If I can just stay there. :slight_smile:

I’ve finished 4 or 5 projects I would have canceled in the old days because I couldn’t afford the 89% completion rate I was running. This new program is going to be great for Fiverr, and for buyers. Indirectly, great for us, then.