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"Post It To Your Blog"


Since I have gotten this more than once, I will complain.

Just because I write blog posts and articles, does NOT mean I am going to host those articles or posts on my own personal website. Nowhere in any of my gig descriptions do I even hint that I offer a service to post anyone’s blog post on MY blog or website, or that I will write the article and host it on my site.

This is why anyone who wants to work with a seller should read the description, or at least ask a question before placing the order. That way you will not be let down when I don’t offer that service.

In fact, I don’t know of any writer who does offer that service, as why would you want your post placed next to 500 other posts on a website that will eventually look like spam? Or The Huffington Post. Same thing. A blog with a weird mismatch of articles get very few views and does their message no good at all. You have better luck asking one of the people on the forum to send the link to their 4 million emails they have a list of.

Thankfully, out of 215 orders, this has only happened twice.

I don’t get why they would even think that posting a random blog on someone’s random website is even a good idea. This guy even wanted me to make a brand new blog and just post it on there. Might as well just print it on paper and staple it to a tree in the forest, they’d get more viewers that way.


They don’t know what they are doing. Everything is new to them.

I’ve seen an unusually high number of clueless buyers myself in the past couple of weeks. Buyers are contacting me on multiple accounts, forgetting what account they got the order on, spelling their first name different ways each time they message me.


How could one misspell their own name? :confused:

I find that perplexing. :thinking:


I know why. It isn’t their real name. They forget each time they message me how they spelled it before. They are also messaging me from two different accounts.


Someone probably told them that they need to get REAL links to their site and they think this will be effective - a little knowledge is a dangerous useless thing.


The funny thing he, he wants me to either cancel the order after I already did the work, or post it on a blog, of which I do not offer as a service. I gave him a choice to either pay me for the work I already did, or pay me extra for creating a new blog. Let’s see which route he goes.


Suggest that you post it on Medium for him. That would be better than a one off blog page and easier for you to do too.


Sounds great, but will still cost him 40$.


He… accepted the offer…