Post-levelgeddon -- Did anything REALLY change?


So, there’s been plenty of discussion in the aftermath of St. Levels Days (and I fully understand if this post gets deleted because of that). A lot of people in my category were “demoted,” possibly unfairly. But here’s the thing. All of them are still at the top of the search results. Do potential buyers really notice whether someone is TRS, Level 2 or Level 1? Or do they see the 5,000 Five-Star reviews? I think it’s now weird to see someone with 5K reviews being Level 1, but I’m looking at it as a fellow seller.

Did anything change? Did any of this matter?

And if it didn’t, then what was the point?

I get that it sucks for some people that their payment schedule changed, but other than that, what’s really different now?

Mod Note: Please note the topic being discussed here. Other topics have discussed how you feel about promotions/demotions, this topic is to share anything that you have seen change (aside from levels obvs.) EF


This is what changed for me with all of my gigs showing similar changes, along with an increase in orders and messages:


When you’re TRS, you have your own section in the search results.

For example, there are 401 level 2’s who do “retro logo.”

19 of those are Top Rated Sellers. So a TRS graphic designer will have a lot less competition when buyers go to that section.

Some search results don’t even have any TRS sellers.

So yes, lots of things changed. My sales declined majorly, my #1 gig is no longer #1, another gig took its place.

Some of us were making careers at Fiverr, now we have to look for real jobs because Fiverr no longer pays real money like before.

So yeah, a lot has changed.


I have never filtered by TRS or any other level when looking for a Gig on Fiverr, then again, I don’t know how other people do it. I really wish that the “Analytics” page we have showed ACTUAL analytics, rather than the style over substance that it is (There are CIRCLE GRAPHS! ANALYTICS! WHEEEEEE!!!).


I’ve been a full-time seller here since 2015 and I’ve seen a lot of changes. Things fluctuate, but I didn’t see any changes following St. Level’s day (I’ve remained a Level 2 seller).

I use the “Seller Level” filter but I’ve always checked the Level 2 box instead of TRS because there are hundreds of more options at varying (and usually more affordable) price points. But that’s just me :slight_smile:


In my case, I’m usually looking for something so specific that there’s ONE TRS with 20 orders in queue and Vacation Mode is activated and five people with five reviews…so I guess that colours my view.


I’ll fess up, I was hoping something similar would happen…but nope, I’m on the third page of search results and only getting orders from my regulars, despite “passing” the review (nothing changed).


I haven’t seen any change in anything. And weekends are just as dead as always.


I have been demoted from Level 2 to Level 1. I noted a drop in sales for my best selling gig but I don’t think it has to do with my demotion. I checked out the other gigs under this topic and there seems to not be many sales in this niche so far for the new year. I have seen no visible evidence to suggest there is a change in placement and ranking either. I didn’t think there would be to be honest because before St. Level’s Day, new sellers and level 1 were occasionally featured before Level 2 sellers at times. In fact, my best selling gigs are still number one in the search category based on the key word. I got no new sales all week which was disheartening but I contented myself that others in my niche didn’t seem to maybe any big sales either, make one order only. Today, I got 3 interested clients and I felt better. Usually one sale from my big gigs and that’s all I need for the month.


this has nothing to do with the post but I just wanted to say that the wobbly looking
smiley face is breathtakingly charming.


I was a bit paranoid for a because of the monthly evaluation thing and me needing to potentially cancel yet another order ( which was not my fault), but to be honest I don’t see any changes. I had no orders for 4 days, now I have 2 in queue, and potentially another one coming soon.
Pretty much the same frequency of gigs like any other month… :thinking:


I am delighted to see we have similar skill levels with MS Paint.


I see no difference too, those gigs before levelgeddon get demoted but still shown at the 1st page in “Relevance”. Some TRS gig still showed at 3 - 5 page. Also, January as usual in my category are slow in sales. I’m a little bit disappointed with the post-levelgeddon ‘thing’ though.


Not everyone does it and there are plenty of level 2’s doing better than TRS. Being found on the top row on relevance is awesome.

However, some buyers do learn to use the filters. Someone has a bad experience with a level 2, maybe they hire a TRS. The filters are fun, I use them when I buy.



Interesting how TRS’ don’t see any change at all, yet other levels are seeing big/huge spikes - makes me think again about the TRS badge :eyes:

I’ve always seen L2 sellers having more orders than many TRS in their categories, and now L2 got extra spikes and still no changes for TRS’? :thinking:

It might seem like the TRS badge isn’t the Holy Grail that everyone on the forum thought or hoped it would be. True, you get some advantages like faster clearance periods, success managers, etc. But many don’t get the sales volumes or sales spikes I’ve seen on L2 sellers :eyes:

Maybe this will stop all those TRS vs. non-TRS fight threads :smiley:

P.S. of course this is more like a generalization based on a few forum TRS’ and some of my own observations on Fiverr :wink:


Did any of this matter?

And if it didn’t, then what was the point

Some people ask for a particular level in Buyer Requests (as well as, like people have said, filtering by level in the search). But I think what’s probably worse is that if gigs get paused from a demotion/less gigs allowed because of the lower level, that will most likely lead to (possibly a lot) less sales for that seller. Just for things like having to cancel gigs because a buyer ordered it by mistake/never filled in requirements (things that are not a sellers fault). So sellers could lose lots of orders and income from buyers mistakes (or ordering on purpose with no intention of filling in requirements).


My sales volume is half what it was when it was a level 2. I’m not complaining because I like the TRS level anyway. I did notice a huge spike in competitors when I became a TRS. I was the only witch on fiverr and suddenly there were dozens overnight. I think I started a fad.


Post-St.Levels Day. No real change.

The same amount of messages, orders etc compared to January 2017 (maybe a lot more orders last year). However better quality of clients (and this started before the 15th).

I’m happy to have the TRS badge. I will continually work on improving my quality of service.


Yes, immediately started to get more messages of the kind you do not want (“buyers” who probably need to pad their seller account/s with good reviews, people telling you what they need without as much as a “Hi” but instead asking for a discount for some weird non-reason right away, the same person messaging from more than one account, …, oh, and spam, the “outsource to me” kind as well as the “mam you need…?” kind, you know, that kind of stuff).

That´s about it, up to now. So, perhaps, don´t be too sad if you lost your level for this month, might save you a lot of time and :roll_eyes:.


I do think that it is more sought after by Sellers than it is valued by either Fiverr or by Buyers.