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Post-levelgeddon -- Did anything REALLY change?


I haven’t seen any change in anything. And weekends are just as dead as always.


I have been demoted from Level 2 to Level 1. I noted a drop in sales for my best selling gig but I don’t think it has to do with my demotion. I checked out the other gigs under this topic and there seems to not be many sales in this niche so far for the new year. I have seen no visible evidence to suggest there is a change in placement and ranking either. I didn’t think there would be to be honest because before St. Level’s Day, new sellers and level 1 were occasionally featured before Level 2 sellers at times. In fact, my best selling gigs are still number one in the search category based on the key word. I got no new sales all week which was disheartening but I contented myself that others in my niche didn’t seem to maybe any big sales either, make one order only. Today, I got 3 interested clients and I felt better. Usually one sale from my big gigs and that’s all I need for the month.


this has nothing to do with the post but I just wanted to say that the wobbly looking
smiley face is breathtakingly charming.


I was a bit paranoid for a because of the monthly evaluation thing and me needing to potentially cancel yet another order ( which was not my fault), but to be honest I don’t see any changes. I had no orders for 4 days, now I have 2 in queue, and potentially another one coming soon.
Pretty much the same frequency of gigs like any other month… :thinking:


I am delighted to see we have similar skill levels with MS Paint.


I see no difference too, those gigs before levelgeddon get demoted but still shown at the 1st page in “Relevance”. Some TRS gig still showed at 3 - 5 page. Also, January as usual in my category are slow in sales. I’m a little bit disappointed with the post-levelgeddon ‘thing’ though.


Not everyone does it and there are plenty of level 2’s doing better than TRS. Being found on the top row on relevance is awesome.

However, some buyers do learn to use the filters. Someone has a bad experience with a level 2, maybe they hire a TRS. The filters are fun, I use them when I buy.



Interesting how TRS’ don’t see any change at all, yet other levels are seeing big/huge spikes - makes me think again about the TRS badge :eyes:

I’ve always seen L2 sellers having more orders than many TRS in their categories, and now L2 got extra spikes and still no changes for TRS’? :thinking:

It might seem like the TRS badge isn’t the Holy Grail that everyone on the forum thought or hoped it would be. True, you get some advantages like faster clearance periods, success managers, etc. But many don’t get the sales volumes or sales spikes I’ve seen on L2 sellers :eyes:

Maybe this will stop all those TRS vs. non-TRS fight threads :smiley:

P.S. of course this is more like a generalization based on a few forum TRS’ and some of my own observations on Fiverr :wink:


Did any of this matter?

And if it didn’t, then what was the point

Some people ask for a particular level in Buyer Requests (as well as, like people have said, filtering by level in the search). But I think what’s probably worse is that if gigs get paused from a demotion/less gigs allowed because of the lower level, that will most likely lead to (possibly a lot) less sales for that seller. Just for things like having to cancel gigs because a buyer ordered it by mistake/never filled in requirements (things that are not a sellers fault). So sellers could lose lots of orders and income from buyers mistakes (or ordering on purpose with no intention of filling in requirements).


My sales volume is half what it was when it was a level 2. I’m not complaining because I like the TRS level anyway. I did notice a huge spike in competitors when I became a TRS. I was the only witch on fiverr and suddenly there were dozens overnight. I think I started a fad.


Post-St.Levels Day. No real change.

The same amount of messages, orders etc compared to January 2017 (maybe a lot more orders last year). However better quality of clients (and this started before the 15th).

I’m happy to have the TRS badge. I will continually work on improving my quality of service.


Yes, immediately started to get more messages of the kind you do not want (“buyers” who probably need to pad their seller account/s with good reviews, people telling you what they need without as much as a “Hi” but instead asking for a discount for some weird non-reason right away, the same person messaging from more than one account, …, oh, and spam, the “outsource to me” kind as well as the “mam you need…?” kind, you know, that kind of stuff).

That´s about it, up to now. So, perhaps, don´t be too sad if you lost your level for this month, might save you a lot of time and :roll_eyes:.


I do think that it is more sought after by Sellers than it is valued by either Fiverr or by Buyers.


TRS Generally have higher prices.
That’s all these is to it. All TRS in my categories charge way more than me and their TRS badge is definitely a big part of what enables them to do it.


What evidence do you have to support that? TRS in many categories still start at $5 and refuse to even consider to raise prices. It should be remembered that Fiverr does not take into account the quality of the product (whether it is basic or high value product being delivered), they only take into account whether the buyers are happy with it.

I am always saying it but pricing needs to be set by the seller. If the majority of your clients are simply looking for cheap writing services then you will likely lose those with a price increase. If you choose to increase price, you would really need to change descriptions and focus on quality.

As an example - anyone paying a premium price for writing would not expect that there would be any chance of receiving plagiarized content because professional writers dont do that - ever - so there is no point saying “I won’t plagiarize” or “I will deliver original content”. That is something that those who sell bulk/cheap content need to say because so many of your peers do deliver copied content. Remember - if you are aiming for a different price point, you need to actually aim for them and not just increase a price because you feel like it. That will lead to failure.


Exactly. It’s the market that determines the price, doesn’t matter if it’s real estate, logos, articles, etc.

Someone charging $50 or $100 for a logo needs to have amazing logos, and most importantly, potential customers must see the work as amazing.

Being TRS might even hurt you, some buyers will expect more when you’re a TRS.


Yes, but I think you are missing my main point.
If you are planning on raising prices significantly, you cant simply put the price up and hope for the best. I see people doing that all the time then complaining that they have not got any sales because they put their price up.
When you put a price up, you are to target a completely different market - you need to change gig descriptions, images, video, communication level, potentially add more value to what you are offering. If you don’t do that you are simply becoming too expensive for your target market so of course you won’t get sales.

Market dictates the price but when you want to focus on a different market, you need to actually focus on the correct one


I avoid making all those changes by never mentioning price in the videos or gig images. Gig description I will change if I’m not getting sales.

Today I got a sale at $15 from a repeat buyer. He usually pays $10 but I’ve raised my prices. He never writes reviews. This time when I deliver, I will let him know that if he likes my work, a 5-star review would be very helpful.


Seeing that there are literally dozens if not more of posts saying that while it’s okay to ask for a review, but not for a 5-star review, perhaps better look up FrankD’s thread and send a link to the how to review video he kindly provided instead or ask in a more neutral way to avoid trouble.

ETA: most recent example


Levelgeddon is a monthly thing. Let’s see how many bounce back next time.