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I have deleted the content as the post proved to be quite controversial. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Where are you getting this information? Fiverr doesn’t publicly mention their algorithms or search results, let alone anything about “backoffice approval”. I feel like this is not helpful and encouraging sellers to contact fiverr support when they are likely already overwhelmed by tickets is probably not a good idea.


agreed with @alexandamedia


:thinking: sellers don’t need to contact support.
They can check online if their gig is active or needs an approval or not. And only in the case if their gig shows “needs further approval, please contact support” then only in that case to contact support.

Gigs not necessarily taken out of search when editing them, some are not affected at all.

On top of that gigs can loose “ranking” or be rotated at the last pages with editing just because of fiverr rotation system.

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