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Hello fiverriens, let’s see your best review ever received as a seller… here’s mine. :woozy_face::point_down:

*Please consider masking the buyer’s username. :relaxed::relaxed:
Thank You! :green_heart:

What happened? You dropped the phone, the battery burst into flames, what happened? It can’t have been that bad can it?


Somebody grabbed means it was stollen while I was on a chat with a client. My whole concentration was on the chat. Due to signal problem I was chatting out of my house. In that scenario I lost my phone. Without a phone how can I frequently check buyers requests. Moreover it was very tough for me to get a new one soon. That’s why I said it’s a big challenge for me. Till I get my phone back or a new phone I have to manage attending all the relavant buyer’s requests without missing as I have to win work. I can’t explain the whole thing but one thing I am going to share is my phone is the vital medium with which I can get connected with Fiverr as and when required. Moreover I believe in doing rather than giving up. Any way thnx for d concern.

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Got you - I’m so sorry to hear that.

I hope you get another one soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good work guy best of luck for your future

I still don’t get it… How are these message of yours in any way relevant to the OP’s post? :thinking: :confused: