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Post TOS warning-

Hello, My name is Naim and i’m a fiverr level 1 seller, before i got my level one i received a TOS Violation Warning, so i know gigs should be pushed back to the last page after such event, and i waited 30 days so i could get my level one, i know the mistakes and everything so i’m not here to ask about why i got a warning but i’m here to ask how much time does it take fiverr to allow my gigs to get back to their normal rankings, since i’m in the last page with inactive and new sellers that have no reviews, so i realised this was all because of that warning, so if you can help me out if one of you got a warning and got back in track, please let me know.
how do i get back in track after a warning ?
how much time does take my gigs to get back to their normal ranking ?

Thank you for listening!


There is no way anyone can tell you (including CS) on how long it will take for you gigs to regain their previous position.

Sometimes just one cancellation or warning can have severe effect on the gig positions and they just lose their position for a long time.

thanks for the reply, a lot of experienced sellers that had a tos warning got back on track, this means there are tips that they can give me, there are estimations and common things that happen to everyone, if a tos warning is the end of one’s journey on fiverr, then why is it called a warning, might as well just ban the accounts that get these warnings, so from my point of view i think it is possible to get back on track if you follow some tips from more experienced sellers!

It depnds. because i asked once to CS, i have a post check in my profile thorouhgly, i posted everything about the rank of gigs. so keep trying to contact your previous buyers to give you more tasks to you may be able to get more 5 stars again. then it can help you to be back to track once again.l. even 4 to 5 orders i hope it will help your gig to boost once again. so when something happens like this or account demotion or cancellation occure, it takes down back and in fiverr’s complex algorithm, it takes days and weeks to be back on track. so having more review may be better to decrease that time so algorithm may get you sooner to show your gig on top posts. thankyou… read my post that will be more helpful


Here it is,

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Thank you so much, getting to them right away

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