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Post Your Forum Errors / Pop-Ups / Notifications Here


This is totally voluntary, so if you get a warning on the forum and want to keep it private, that’s definitely OK.

I don’t know nearly everything about this forum, it’s features, it’s limits, etc. There are manuals, but the vendor allows for a lot of customization.

I thought this would be interesting, so if you get any error messages, pop-ups, system notices, automated warning, apparent bugs or anything else like that, feel free to post a screenshot here. The text of the message is an OK alternative, though pictures are better. :slight_smile: Anyone?

For those who add real stuff here, I’ll try to think of a way to do a hat draw and give some kind of reward or prize. (No promises yet but I’ll edit.)


I just always get the ‘You reached the maximum likes for today. Please try again in x hours/minutes’ all the time’ :confused: :slight_smile:
Nothing more interesting yet, butI´ll see if I can provoke forum in some way, if there´ll be a good prize :wink: