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Post Your Gigs Here for Constructive Criticism!

Hello there, community!

As a Seller on Fiverr, especially with little to no sales, it can be very difficult to see the Buyer’s perspective of your gig. Is it written professionally enough? Is it clear what service(s) you offer? Do your gig photos give good examples/ strongly correlate with what you’re offering? Are your prices fair? Are your delivery times desirable? I know for me, the inquiries go on.

I decided to make this thread for anyone and everyone here in the forum to have a space to Post Their Gigs and receive legitimate FEEDBACK about what they could be doing wrong, or the things they’re doing right!

The goal is to gain enough interest that this conversation can continue for some time, enabling everyone involved to build community and share their helpful hints to other Sellers, directly related to their Gig(s).

I personally am most interested in gaining connections in my niches of Creative Writing and Printables here in the forum, whilst encouraging others in any way I can. I truly feel the desire to spread a helping hand on this platform just one step further.

So, please!

  • Introduce yourself, and post your gigs along with any concerns you’re having about stunting sales

  • After you post take a moment to scroll through the other gigs on the thread to see if there are any that may be in your expertise, or that you are interested to possibly help improve!

  • Engage! This thread is not for posting the URL to your gig and disappearing! Not to advertise, but to improve and build community!

  • Emulate the “Buyer”! Yes there many individuals on Fiverr who are top-notch in their craft and can offer some wonderful tips on the entire process of a gig. While this knowledge is 100% welcome as well, the focus of this “project” per-se is to bring attention to the things that would irk you as a Buyer!

  • Let me know if you have any “critiques” for this thread :wink:! I will start with my baby gigs:

I’ve been really focused on “thinking outside of the box” when it comes to creativity and all that I offer with my gigs; however, I worry of going too far or potentially missing another direction I could have gone in that would be more productive. For example, in my most recent gig Writing “Short Stories with In Depth Themes”, I thought it would be different and a nice free feature if I offered a themed background photo for the commission. However, after posting 1. the resolution seems to have gone done a bit in my examples and 2. I worry some Buyers could struggle reading my examples on the backgrounds, and not investigate my service further due to this…so here it is, what do you think?

I was contemplating then adding backgrounds to my examples from my first posted gig Writing “Thorough and Emotional Poetry”; however, I am unsure due to 1. My concern listed above with legibility on the background and 2. I haven’t received any orders yet, but did receive an inquiry for this gig and multiple clicks…I am worried editing the gig in any way may jeopardize further growth. Advice here?

The gig I am least concerned with is Creating “Story Based Word Search Puzzles”. I am very proud of this idea and feel it will just take some time for the right people seeking this service to find my page, as Word Search Puzzles aren’t necessarily top-dog in sales on Fiverr :joy:. If you have any comments on this one, please let me know!

Thank you in advance for viewing, and any advice you have to offer. Rest assured if you post on this thread at least one individual will investigate and give feedback on your service(s)…me!

Best wishes, Taz


That’s what the entire “Improve My Gig” category is for.

No. I’d rather not be flagged for breaking the forum rules, thanks.

There’s plenty of gigs that I would love to help improve, but no. It’s not my job to do other people’s work for them. This is not a case of lack of desire to help or of empathy, but acknowledgement of competitive freelancers businesses. It’s impossible to help everyone, pointless to try for those unwilling to learn, and demoralizing when attempts are ignored or unappreciated.

Again: that’s what the ‘Improve My Gig’ category is for. The forums are the community.

. Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:

As mentioned, you’re asking users to break the forum rules.

I'm going to be blunt concerning your gigs, so if you don't take criticism well, I suggest not clicking.

Short-story gig. Your guess about readability seems spot-on. I stopped reading the first image after the first sentence.

Poetry gig. An inquiry in less than a month is good. It can take some sellers months before their first sale, and some years. Some never make a sale. My advice on this one is (IMG) point 2: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide (I’ll caution you, though: that thread is a bit outdated.)

Word-search gig. Consider: what if someone wants to print? Color-printing is an option, but it it might be a good idea to have a sample that’s more ‘print-friendly’, and also make it a mandatory requirement in your gig that clients need to pick. (I’m also not particularly impressed by the general layout of your samples, nor the font choices. The second one being particularly messy.)

While I know this thread has good intentions, I don’t think you understand just how BIG the forums are: About - Fiverr Community Forum (scroll down and check out the ‘statistics’ section). Your thread, like almost all threads, simply can’t compete.

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It’s interesting you put a disclaimer on the nicest and most helpful things you had to say about this post. Your response is particularly snarky, especially since you had already brought to my attention some of the issues with this thread and I had already informed you of it’s probable deletion…I reluctantly appreciate your advice because it’s undeniably helpful…but your attitude has caused personal stress, when I am simply trying to co-exist on this platform and haven’t done anything to harm anybody- plus made much less invasive, more productive posts than a majority of new users I see here…

I’m sure it’s nothing against me personally, but you should know the inflection of your messages in this forum are not from a “helpful” standpoint, but rather have the effect of “you’re lesser than me because a. you don’t know this information already or b. you made a mistake”. Not because of what you are saying but how you are saying it. There is no forgiveness or learning curve involved, and throwing in you know I had good intentions in the end doesn’t make up for the tone you know you are setting through the rest of what you’re saying.

After this encounter I am extremely discouraged to be a member of the community on this forum. I reached out to thank you as I see you are not only an active, but an experienced member of this forum and thought you would be kinder and appreciate a little appreciation. Instead, in the end I feel attacked. Goes to show me, right? :grin:


You know? You are 100% right. I was out of line, and I’m sorry for my word choice.

I’ll not make excuses, merely state that everyone has bad days, and I’m ashamed I didn’t recognize that this is apparently one for me.

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