Post your link in a large audience


Post your link in a large audience, 440000 plus active member of Facebook group for just 5$… Facebook Promotion


Yeah, so what do we know about these members? What are they interested in? Are they all humans? If a group has 440k members, assuming one member posts once a year (I am only a member in a few groups, but I certainly post more than one a year), that is 1205 posts a day, 50 posts an hour. So people do not really have a chance to read it before it’s buried under another 100 posts.
Does it make sense?
What are the typical response rates?
What is the typical click-through rate?
Do people engage with these posts?
See why I am a bit sceptical with these kind of services?


440000 plus active members is a big plate form & i posting 10-20 in this group daily…


Exactly my point. No one reads a group filled with spam, and I have doubts these are real people anyways.