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Post Your Pets! 🐶 🐱

Hey Fiverr! There have been a lot of negative feelings on the forums lately, so let’s have a thread where we post pictures of cute animals to improve our days? You can use imgur to host the pictures, then link there directly. I’ll start!

Her name is Sugar! To be honest, she’s my Mom’s dog, but I watch her when she travels. She’s a Papillon / American Eskimo hybrid. She is a tiny monster made of fluff. Unlike many small dogs, she is very quiet! I am convinced if we were being robbed she would wag and scamper over to greet the criminals. She just turned 10!


Sugar! Such a cute name for such a cute dog :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Here’s one of my cats, his name is Bo.
And yeah, he’s a bit fat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Our family once had a dog named Sugar. She lived to be 17 and was a good dog. I get all sneezy when I am around cats and some dogs so we do not have any pets. :confused: But I enjoy looking at everyone elses.


Her name is Lola. She is 3 lbs, 10 weeks old.
She is a Chiwinnie.


What a precious face! :slightly_smiling_face: It makes me want to :hugs: her.



Awww, too adorable! :heart_eyes:

Hey, Sugar, Bo & Lola! :tada: :grin:

Interesting breed. Sounds like a keeper, too. I can’t deal with the high-pitched barks. :grin:

You’ve been feeding him :doughnut: haven’t you?:laughing:

Too precious, she looks so darn cute in her outfit. Lola is ready for July 4th. :fireworks: :rocket: :us:


My lovely Panda.

She is a mix of Labrador and Bulldog (in other words, a mix of Taz-Maniac and Incredible Hulk).


I need to boop that nose!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I feed him those typical crunchy cat food…

but yeah, I give him other snacks and treats and …ahem, cough cough doughnuts
every now and then!


Sugar is precious with her puppy cut. Bo is just fluffy. Lola reminds me of Sisqo (a past pet) who was this plus Pekingese and Pomeranian; with the exception that he had long-haired Chi in him and not short. Panda reminds me of my nephews (fur-babies).

Here’s my boo…till his other mommy shows. Before haircuts he looks like a fox and after he looks like a wolf cub. He’s still too much of a hunter and the chair he’s in is the heaviest, for now, that I can put him in that can’t be dragged.

Of course in this pic he was toying with me because I thought he was going to run after the ducks. Hence the reason he’s looking in my direction.


Look at how fluffy!! :star: :star: :star_struck:


Here’s Archie after his last trip to the groomer.


His name is Badger… a 8 month old male British Shorthair Blue…Le likes to eat, play and sleep…in this order. Also, he loves to take naps in the sink.


The little chap is very photogenic. I remember a few years ago, I was obsessing over/shopping around for a mini pomeranian, but just couldn’t find the right one. I :heart: the fact that they look like mini :fox_face:es .Then my focus switched to a Bichon Frise but life got hectic so I put the idea of having a pooch on the backburner. :smile:

As you can see they get really poofy! :heart_eyes:
A mini fro :grin:

Woohoo ~ I was hoping you would share a pic of my fave Scottish Terrier. :heart_eyes:
Such a cutie patootie, Archie looks like a postcard. :hushed:

His chevron scarf is a nice touch. :ok_hand:t4:


Yup, that’s what cats like to do…I guess the size and the curve of the sink is
just purrfect for cats??
If they fits, they sits!



This is exactly the sort of dog I would picture you owning. They are so cute! You are the queen of the emoji, though, and the puppy needs to have a little ascot with emojis on it.


Hey, Josh! :pineapple:

Your comment made me giggle. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’d buy the most adorable clothes ever. Maybe match our outfits, too. :smile:

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Ooooh, another excuse to post pictures of my dogs, yes please!

This is Kaya, our younger pup, I think she is trying to eat a bee here (she has no sense of self-preservation, honestly I am a little surprised she’s made it this long…)

And this is Juna, the matriarch. Nothing phases Juna, except squirrels… And next door’s dogs… And stopping for even two seconds while on a walk… And Kaya…

Fun fact: It’s just the dogs and me in the house this week. In practical terms, this means I spend most of my time loudly (and badly) singing random songs at the pups, and they spend most of their time looking at me in a slightly confused, worried, and pitying way…


She is very pretty. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Archie looks like a proper gentleman!