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Postage cost with physical delivery more than 8$?

I 3dprint and paint miniatures and ship to customers with care.

So, I can deliver all over the world. Postage cost in my country are from 10$ to 30$ (so 12 to 36 with 20% fiverr commissions) for one miniature because it is signed.

Question 1 : Do I need to put postage cost inside my gigs cost or the postage may be send otherwise ?
For example, I would like to sell the print 10 and it cost me from 12 to 36 for postage.
So, my gigs basic price must be 10+12 = 22 $ ?

Question 2 : How could I add postage cost ? (Fiverr may add up to 8 $ for postage but it isn’t sufficient).
I must add from 12 to 36 belongings to the country.

Thank you !


Take your highest possible postage cost (including tracking) round this up to the nearest multiple of $5, and include that cost in your basic gig price.

Doing things any other way is just going to leave you either out of pocket or with confused clients.

Typically, selling physical goods on Fiverr isn’t a great idea, given the fact that buyers can cancel orders relatively easily after you deliver. However, it is especially not a good idea if you yourself can’t figure out your pricing.

Fiverr isn’t eBay or Amazon. You set the final price a buyer pays as your gig price. This means you need to build-in shipping costs from the get-go.

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Thank you for your answer,

So I need to include the price in my gigs, it is clear but not used by my competitors.
They must lose money when selling : 5$ to print and send all over the world a miniature.

Now, I must add the fiverr 20% in the cost as postage cost are included in fiverr’s commission.