📯 Buyer ASKS for MORE and PAYS LESS 💸 (2018)


Hello Friends,

Off late, I am getting orders from a couple of buyers who just come and place orders and when I open the requirements, I see a long list of things that are to be done. The work is definitely not well evaluated and the amount they put while buying the gig is much less than it deserves.

e.g. My gig says I will help as a virtual assistant. Buyer asks me to edit and update 3 documents in 2 days for $15 - this is clearly a 5 days work and would take >$45 and if to be done in 2 days, it is $60, minimum!

What do I do now?

Can I cancel these orders without getting harmed?

PS: I am putting 2018 in the header because I have read older posts on this topic and the suggestions are mostly irrelevant now, with the new systems in place. I get only a few orders every month and if one or two orders get canceled, then I fall below 90% and I will be demoted! Cancelation is a far bigger and grave concern now on Fiverr.

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


Try sending them custom offer for the difference. Explain the cost difference, tell them what is included in the package/amount they ordered.

Unfortunately, you can not cancel an order without getting its negative effect on your profile.


Maybe you should stated it in your gig description that you will need buyer to contact you first if they need you to edit two or more documents (It’s really up to you). Problem is buyers do that if the boundaries are blurry, so a clear boundaries will surely help, hopefully :slight_smile:


Did you try this - sending a custom offer for the difference? Does your gig clearly explain what they will get and how long things will take?


How would a buyer know this? Even when you say that you will allocate 2h of your day for $15, a buyer doesn’t know how long it takes you to edit 3 documents.

If I was hiring a VA, I would contact him/her first to check what can they do in X amount of hours, but not all buyers do that. Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t have the option to accept/decline orders.


Most times, this can backfire! It will only hurt as most buyers won’t even know if it is true what I am asking.

That is the problem! You mentioned it clearly…


I always am very polite to the customer:

Hi, I’m so sorry we didn’t discuss this order before you purchased it; the amount of work you sent me is much more than a $5 ($15, whatever) order. What I can do for $15 is (tell them what fits into the order).

If you would still like me to do (all the work they sent you), it will require me to add $(amount) and (days) to the order. I can request a modification if that’s what you’d prefer. Otherwise I can do (what you can do for this price), on (number of) document(s) instead.

Please let me know how to proceed as soon as possible so we can get to work as soon as possible.

Thank you,
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This was electric!

Very well written. I hope people reading this thread scroll down to this and read this. I’m keeping this copied for my future events.

Thanks a lot, Ma’am :slight_smile: