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Postcard from Poland


My name is Hubert and I am planning to do a high school exchange to the USA.

Unfortunately, my parents can’t afford whole tution what is about 12000€.

They can give me 4000€, rest of the money I need to raise myself.

Do you think that creating a gig, where I would send people a postcard from Poland would be good idea?

I know that 9000$ (about 8000€) is really big money but when I had seen ‘Potato Salat’ project on Kickstarter I thought that everything is possible.

What do you guys think about that?

I’m sorry for all mistakes, I’m still lerning English

I am sorry, I can’t help on this as I am new here. But I think you should try.

you will never know till you try. if you have skills someone would be looking for that might work too. Good luck kid.