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Posted buyer request but does not show full request

In recently posted a buyer request but I look on the manage requests page, I can only read the first two lines of the request. Do anyone else have this problem? Thanks


If you press send offer it shows the full thing, but you dont actually send an order when you press it, theres another button after it.

Hi I apprecaite that but I’m not sending an offer to a buyer instead I’m posting a buyer request if that makes sense

Yes I noticed same problem

Yes, I see that problem, too.

Have you checked via the app? In the app, I can see the whole requests, so you might be able to see the request you posted, too.

Yep I can read the whole request now on app, that is just simply bazaar

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hii there!! I am facing same issue regarding my buyer requests on the desktop view from 3 to 4 days.First I thought it will solve itself but it is still there  I can’t see the the job description text fully , just showing half. I am able to view everything on the mobile fiverr app. However if client attach more than one files, desktop view shows only one file but mobile app shows all the attached files:(

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yeah i had same problem with this…

yes i am face this problem