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Posted my first gig 1 day ago and made my first sale today!


Hi everyone, so I’ve been signed up to Fiverr since 2014 however I’ve just posted my first gig yesterday and today I made my first sale and received a 5 star rating! I’m so happy! That feeling of getting your first sale is AWESOME! Hopefully the first of many! :smile:

If anyone is interested this was the gig that got me my first sale! -


Thats pretty cool. Whats your twitter account with 70k followers?


@iamnotalemon Wish you good luck man !


I only show those who order! Once ordered I then do the request and post it! :slight_smile:


@iamnotalemon congrats !! :slight_smile::innocent::heart_eyes:
keep trying


Can’t get any buyers.Can you help


Congrats man, I wish you all the best!


Thanks I really appreciate it! I got another sale the day later! :slight_smile: 5 star feedback too!