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Poster for Gay App (seller refused)

I was surprised that a user refused to honour my order of a poster designed for an App (The Dublin Gay Guide) Order Order: #FO73CB9DF0C5. Not impressed :frowning:

It’s possible that the seller isn’t discriminating, they may just have a backlog of work. As celticmoon says, there are many, many sellers here - I’m sure you can find one to do your poster.

That may be due to views of that individual seller, which are not necessarily the views of the Fiverr site. There is nothing in Fiverr’s TOS indicating that they promote discrimination of any sort, but the site acts as a “middleman” bringing together buyers & sellers, who make arrangements between themselves within the parameters of the site. Presumably the seller asked you for a mutual cancellation, and if it were me, I would do so since I wouldn’t trust that the seller would even try to do a good job. I can’t speak for all the graphic designers here, but I’m really sure that there are plenty of talented people who are not so narrow-minded as the seller you’ve dealt with. If you feel the seller acted in a deceptive manner, i.e. taking your order even after you told him what it was for, then later he refused to do the work, then you can file a complaint with Customer Service (links on top or bottom of every page).

Many people refuse gigs based on their own personal views. For example my friend refuses translation jobs if she is asked to write about drugs. Everybody is going to have different views about various things in life. You seem to be implying that the rejection of this gig is homophobic. It is not. As stated, this could be rejected for a number of reasons. For example a seller may be busy. It could be on religious grounds (which is not homophobic despite what some people may think) it could even be because the seller loathes Dublin! It’s just tiring seeing people complain on her because they think there is discrimination in play. I saw s guy a few weeks back complain that his gig was banned due to the color of his skin. People in this world have really got to stop think a out the worst case scenario.

Reply to @ryangillam: Or the seller actually is homophobic. You do not know so you cannot state the rejection is not homophobic citing possible yet non definitive reasons.

cheezees said:
  • Reply to @ryangillam: Or the seller actually is homophobic. You do not know so you cannot state the rejection is not homophobic citing possible yet non definitive reasons.

Or that, but I just wanted to make the point that not every order rejection or thing that happens in life is a result of discrimination despite what many people seem to think. I should have put "it is not always the case" as opposed to "it is not". That is my mistake!

I do not mean to sound rude but, what do you mean you were surprised? There are lots of people in this world who do not support Gay’s, and moreover, a ton of people who are homophobic. In my opinion, the seller did not do anything wrong here, he just simply refused. If, however, he had stated his views along with the refusal, maybe then would this have some merit.

Just move on to the next seller :slight_smile:

Reply to @ryangillam: Don’t sweat it. You gave a lot of alternative reasons which are likely here on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Sorry for these harsh words but as I don’t have views like yours I would feel uncomfortable doing a job for this purpose.

Look how many sellers refuse to work and show case things because of popcorn?

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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It’s okay, I reject work from groups who are homophobic. Or sexist… Or Ageist… Or Racist… Or Abililist, etc.

They’re on the wrong side of the issue… Haters are going to hate …and they’re already too late. They’ve lost.

Hey… send me your request… I will do it gladly!