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Posting a feedback review of buyers in response to their review



I hope everyone is doing okay. :slight_smile:

So here’s the question.

After completion of an order and after a buyer posts a review, we get the opportunity to respond to it by posting a feedback review of our own, of the buyer. Right?

While doing that, is it safe to mention the kind of work that I did for the buyer (paying attention not to divulge any personal info. of the buyer or the order)?

For example, in my case, since I proofread/edit/format documents and manuscripts, can I be like-

“Thanks for the order. It was such a pleasure working on your YA novel of 150K words.”

Thanks in advance for the replies (if any :wink: ).

AJ (hanshuber16).


Good morning! :sunny:

That very thing was discussed before - have a wee look here:

Shortened version - bad idea, buyer privacy etc.


Thanks! That’s perfect! :smile:


I don’t even get the point of reviewing most buyers. Is there any benefit for the buyer from it? They don’t seem to have a buyer rating. Seller saying “Thank you” in their review seems like waste of time only. Seems to be useful only if wanting to give the seller’s side of the story.


Never had to do that, but I can see how it would be useful if there were a negative to discuss.

Or you could seem like a well-mannered seller who is seen to appreciate their buyers who have left a positive feedback? Also, a good way for a buyer to see that your English skills are what they are claimed to be, on a day-to-day basis - not just on the profile or gig descriptions. :sunny:


Reviews are important for all the seller so taking thatt as a abvantage is better so that we can attaract more buyer.


Good point! I did thank every buyer, but then I started to think what is the point? They don’t see my response and they don’t get stars either. Only other buyers would see my thanks. But yes, longer thank you messages would be a good idea to show such skills :slight_smile:


So, would you agree that it would make sense to first contact the buyer and ask them if I could mention xyz details about the order (in my buyer review)?


I’d say no - if I were a buyer of yours I really wouldn’t want the details of my order discussed publicly, and might take badly to being asked for permission.

As a potential buyer I’m not sure I’d want to buy from a seller who was seen to discuss his buyers’ orders in the feedback section. Loose lips etc. :wink:

But all of that’s just me! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah you have point there…I agree too.


Yes, I understand your point.

Also, there is this question of how much info is too much? Is mentioning “YA novel of 150K words” already too much info about the order? hmm… pretty tricky stuff tbh… cuz it all depends on the buyer (I am sure there are buyers out there who are “gucci”, “A-OKAY” with mentioning it in my review… while I bet there are others who will be like “how dare you… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: …”)


Don’t see why you need to say more than ‘Thank you, it was a pleasure’ or something like that to be honest. Any more is giving away too much about the buyer’s purchase, which is none of anybody else’s business really. :slightly_smiling_face:


hmm… Fair enough :slight_smile: Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.


You’re welcome - have a smashing day! :sun_with_face:


Dear sir ,if You Satisfied my works please provide Good feedback. Thanks you


AJ, personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to ask a Buyer if I can include XYZ in a review. It’s extra wasted :watch: time. Keep it short and sweet, I don’t think it would hurt to say something like “It was a pleasure proofreading your 10K words document” so that way potential clients can get a glimpse of your range. :wink:

As in no project is too BIG or small.

Well, it shows you’re an ace at communicating. :smiley: Giving Sellers their time to shine and collect their brownie points. :tada: Also, it’s just common courtesy!


No, there is benefit for you because a with a well formulated reply you show that you care about your buyers, what will reflect back on you in a positive way.


Yes, because instead of showing your gratitude towards the buyer, you make it all about you by turning it into self promotion. Everybody feels what you are actually trying to say there. It’s “Hey, look what great job I just did. Send me your order!”


Well, what you say is right. But I was going for a YIN and YANG :yin_yang: approach by balancing out “self-promotion” with genuine gratitude (which I really have) and appreciation :slight_smile: Gotta have that balance yanno :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I’ve scrapped that idea for now… imma just stick to buyer gratitude for now :wink:

Thanks for the wonderful feedback everyone! :two_hearts:


I agree.

Fairness would be for the buyer’s reviews - and seller’s responses to be visible on the buyer’s page as well… as well as cancellations initiated by the buyer.

That way we’d have some insight into the buyer, their expectations and what types of work deliveries they are happy with. It may also serve as a deterant for the buyer to have some accountability, like sellers do.

It may help avoid potential conflict, to have some background.

We can also see if the buyer tends to cancel a lot (after delivery) or is quick to leave a not so great review.