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Posting a gig in the U.S

I’m a resident of the U.S. so I had to fill out the W-9 form before posting my first gig. I’ve filled out the W-9 form and am brought to this page:

It says “You can publish your Gig once you received a notification that your Form W-9 check was completed successfully.” Will I get a desktop notification or will I receive an email?


I assume you will get both.

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Thanks for the reply.

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Did you click the GREEN “update W-9 Form” button? If not, maybe when you click that the other grayed out button will turn green as well and you can publish your Gig? If not, you have to wait for Fiverr to manually check that you filled out your form correctly.


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I had this issue across multiple browsers and after a few days of attempts with no notification that my W9 had been “checked”. I finally ensured my W9 info was correct, submitted it, and then switched my answer from “Yes” to “no (im outside the US)”, and hit save. I was able to instantly publish AND THEN I got a notification that my W9 was accepted and I’m compliant. I guess this bi-passes the bug. Good luck.