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Posting a link on your gig

So there are sellers who will promote your business on their popular podcast, blog, etc…

I think those sellers should be allowed to include in the description the link to the podcast, blog, etc…

I, as a buyer, want to know how many listeners you have, viewers on your vlogs or/and blog.

To see if your whatever is actually popular.

As a seller, in couple days ago I have created a new gig which needs about 2-3 days to go alive or to be available in the search results, but just after making the new gig, i went to my old best selling gig and inserted a shortened link of the new gig in the description, then i went to the Google URL Shortener and found the link has been visited 6 times, the gig description originally does not allow clicking over hyperlinks, that’s why I felt happy when knew that there are some people interested enough to make selection over the link and past it in the browser :smiley: