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Posting a request - how to reject offers


When I post a buyers request, is there a way to let everyone who replied know when I have selected someone for the gig without posting individual replies? Should I just delete all the offers I don’t want to accept? I am unsure how to close the request and if I delete it, I am concerned I won’t be able to refer back to the original post. I could not find this answer anywhere else. Thank you.


If you pause the gig, you will be able to see & filter it.

Once it’s paused, sellers won’t be able to bid anymore. Be careful when you delete unwanted gigs, if you accidently delete the wrong one, you can’t get it back.

Hopefully, I answered some of your questions. :slight_smile:


Thank you! So, there is no way to send a group reply to all bidders, thanking them for their time and bid?


No, there isn’t.

It actually creates work for sellers if you were to message them. They have a clock and if they don’t reply back with “thanks,” rather quickly, they get penalized in communication.

They have to maintain something like 90% or they get demoted on their evaluation date.

I asked the same question when I was new. It feels like you should as a courtesy but 5r works differently. Sellers will understand, they are used to it. :slight_smile: