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Posting a Request?


I’ve only used Fiverr a few times as a buyer of designs. I am wondering why when Posting a request it gives options of one day, three days, etc. So two days later I am waiting for request to be approved. Why give the one day option at all?


I think the buyer requests section has been a repeat issue for customer support, given it’s often spammed with illegal services, sellers promoting their gigs, and other issues. I agree, though, you shouldn’t have to wait 2 days for approval.

In future, consider reaching out to a bunch of sellers, based on your requirements, to see if you can speed up the process.


It’s weird but I’ve gotten my request approved in as quick as 30 minutes before.

It all depends when you post - if they’re swamped, it takes a little longer.


and my request was finally looked at and rejected. It’s crazy because I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

Off to look at individual designers.


Humm, you can post here what you wrote and perhaps I or others can help.


Wait, wait, wait!..Requests have to be APPROVED first? I can’t say I’m surprised, due to how Fiverr works, but I’ve seen MANY requests that I cannot believe passed muster. And what about posts from sellers? How are those approved?


I do have someone working on it now… But this is what I posted. three different requests slightly different. I want from trying to explain it, to just a simple line. All three requests were rejected. I don’t even care anymore, but I am really pretty annoyed at why they were removed.

  1. Want a t shirt design. This is for cancer
    patients. A purple ribbon with the words LEIOMYOSARCOMA awareness

The first word either all caps, border or wider font. the second word
lower case font, thinner font.

need it in .png format

2- I want a tshirt design… on the shirt I want a purple awareness ribbon (large)
Also want the words Leiomyosarcoma awareness.

I would like the first word large or bolder. and the second word, smaller font or perhaps lower case

3-I want a shirt designed with a large purple awareness ribbon and some text on top of the ribbon.


I know the feeling. I’ve had thing rejected and don’t kjow why either.

Since you’ve already found someone, I’ll leave it alone.

As an FYI, sometimes the auto reject won’t recognize any character except gir letters, numbers, period and comma. Things like parentheses, quotations, etc triggers a reject.