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Posting about Suggestions - Ask for Help Here?

Please do not ask for suggestions in the Suggestion Box. You can ask for help, suggestions, tips etc. elsewhere on the forum. Conversations is a place for lots of things, so if you aren’t sure you could try there, but more ideas for you are in this post. Also, please do not try to use the Suggestion Box to ask staff to check on your Support ticket.

Staff only checks the “Box” occasionally so for crisis you are better off checking back on your ticket or trying the Support Team social media pages. Don’t ask for ticket help here.

The Suggestion Box is here for users to submit their suggestions and ideas for something that you think would improve the Fiverr site for all buyers, sellers, and readers.

The Suggestion Box is not for Bug Reports (which goes in Bugs) or Tips, and not for Ranting about things you just hate on Fiverr when you can do that in the Ranting Pot. It especially is not for asking about suggestions for your own profile, gig or how to get sales. Those posts go in Improve my Gig. :slight_smile:

Use the Suggestion Box to help Fiverr only and get help for YOU elsewhere Thanks!

Hi Please can you suggest from where to access Suggestion Box

New Category Suggestion: “Plans, Instructions, and Manuals” or possibly just a “How to” then broken into categories.

How to build…
How to make…
How to fly…

License to own and build…
If that link doesn’t work…well…let me know. It might also have to do with choosing the “category” of your post. I had that problem before…the post goes into whatever category you select WHEN creating the post itself.

Seems this suggestion didn’t go into the right place. When making suggestions (as I mentioned in my reply to “rathoresingh” above, one has to choose the “Suggestion Box” category before clicking on “Post.” It’s left of the “Post” button, kind-of hidden… it reads: “Post in: (Select Category)”

(But…another suggestion for Fiverr…let users edit their posts…especially to edit out any mistakes that got in along the way…).

How to get a better response time rating?