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Posting fiverr links on twitter


Hi Everyone , I decided to spend some time during my working day to day on self promotion. I had already set up a twitter and youtube pages. Anyway i mostly spent the time on branding and design of my pages and making sure i had link going from youtube to fiver and twitter to fiverr.

Any way for some reason when i tried to put links on my twitter profile to my fiverr profile. Twitter rejected the link and said it believed the site to be mail ware .

Just wondering if anyone else experience this recently?


Mr Explainer

Ps these are my pages so far



I had the same problem the other day. I think it has to do with tweeting similar links too often. I was able to tweet my gig a few times, but after trying to tweet it a 3rd or 4th (over a few days) without any other tweets in between, it was blocked.

After waiting a bit, and making sure I tweet some stuff without any links, I was able to promote my gig again.

They just want to make sure you aren’t too “spammy”.


Thanks for sharing your experience

My experience was mainly to do with adding my fiverr page URL to the my page on twitter! The place where you can add a website link on your profile. In way I can understand the post being an issue of spam but can’t understand why it does not like fiverr as web URL


Does anyone have the answer to this??


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Hey so here is what I just did and it should work for you too.

$5 order a color reading on @fiverr /intuitionhost

It is simple and not so invading with a link and Fiverr might actually consider retweeting.


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