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Posting Gig Issue

Is anyone else having trouble posting a gig because of the price and deadline fields? I can’t enter anything in these fields, therefore I can’t move past that page to post. If I can’t post a gig, I can’t view projects posted by buyers. So, I basically can’t do anything on this site until this is fixed. I have the highest speed internet available in my area and a brand new computer, so I don’t think the issue is on my side of the fence. If anyone has any ideas or advice, I sure would like to get started. Thanks in advance.

Hey I’ve just had a similar issue. When filling out the ‘scope & pricing’ section of my first gig, when I try to save it and move on to the next stage, it takes me back to the top of the page and has a banner warning me: ‘Gig items expected duration must be greater or equal to 1’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Luke, did you find out how to get around this? I’m having the exact issue… Can’t get my new gig to post.