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Posting Gigs on Craigslist


I wanted to know if anyone has successfully used Craigslist ads to reel in potential customers for their gigs. If so how has it worked for you? Or is this method not feasible to implement? Thanks and look forward to the responses.



I do get a lot of people who click on my link from Craigslist. A better strategy would be to contact people who post CL ads in need of particular services. Its more targeted then just posting ads. I have a few different softwares that allows me to search all states for “wanted” ads on CL. :slight_smile:


musiclover hook it up bro


Reply to @apicturesworth: I’m not a bro. I’m a female. I would never share my source though. lol.


Reply to @musiclover: Apologies! And I found the program on Google. :slight_smile:


Reply to @apicturesworth: It’s cool. There’s a few out there. Some do more than others. Good luck.


No idea


Thanks for that suggestion musiclover. I’ll give that a try.


Reply to @musiclover: Good tip but Craigs list is too confusing for me.


Thats a good idea, but do craigslist allow you to post an ad for a website, or your gig page in this case, and with a link to your page?


kjblynx HAS SPOKEN!!!

I would have said something, but I am not the hero this forum needs…


Reply to @newopp: Why is it confusing?


Reply to @stripes25: Craigslist no longer allows linked images via html, but posting your link directly or via html shouldn’t be a problem.


Reply to @musiclover: Maybe it’s what I’m searching for or how I search. For example if I put in proofreading, video intros… all I get back are tons of ads of others selling the service. I’m bad at all that and I still haven’t figured out how to make google alerts useful for me :frowning: I’m very slow in those areas.


If you guys are familiar with Daniel Evans WSO, He basically approaches people on craigslist, real estate etc and says. “I will make a cartoon image of you for 50.00” if he get a buyer he comes back to fiverr and get it done by someone else.


Reply to @biggeorge2k: Most people that order from Fiverr are reselling the work.


I see this is old thread, are there some new experiences? Does Craigslist allow to post Fiverr gigs?


Hi There,

I know of many of my colleagues making big money from there ads on Craigslist. Initially it took them some time to set up properly with proper systems in place. However once you don’t mind doing the work and is really good at what you do, you will definitely have repeat clients.

Have a wonderful day guys!