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Posting images in description

I have a comparison list I want to include in my gig but it is 5 jpeg files.
Is it possible for me to post them in the body of my gig?

Hmm I don’t think it’s possible to include them in your gig’s body. But fiverr gives you the possibility to upload pictures to your gig which are shown above. You could give a hint in your description that people should look at them there though.

As gigbydani suggests, it might be a solution, and also you have the possibility to upload a .pdf file. I have not used this option yet, so I can´t say if that would work for your requirement. :slight_smile:

I uploaded a PDF to another gig, but it seems to just create an image from what i can see.

No, you can’t place images in your description. You can only place text.

You can upload a PDF file. It won’t appear in the description however.