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Posting Links Of Previous Work from Public Domain. Good Idea?


Hi Fiverr’ss

So as a VO (voice over artist) The more work I do the more customers actually help build my portfolio with video.
The question I have is, should I post links in my description. Not just any voice overs but “Public Domain” like YouTube. Where my work has ended up where the whole world has access to it.
I don’t see many people doing this. But as long as I make sure theirs no .coms references anywhere would it be an issue?
From a sellers point of view is it smart to share such content…is it wise to let you competitors know who your working with.
I’m 50/50 about doing it


you can do that. i think it will help you.


Here is a list of approved links:
Scroll to the bottom.


Thanks lloydsolutions, The question is “should I” . As there not hyperlinks do people actually bother cut 'n pasting


Maybe someone else can help you further.